My morning routine: Elise Bialylew, Mindful In May

As well as being a trained doctor, psychiatrist and author, Elise Bialylew is the meditation teacher behind the world’s largest online mindfulness movement Mindful In May. As part of this month’s Conscious Curator series, we spoke with Elise about the three rituals she incorporates into her mornings.


Ritual 1:

Before I get out of bed I religiously do my 10 x 3 morning practice. Tuning into ten mindful breaths and then bringing three things I feel grateful for to mind. It’s a simple way to start the day in the right frame of mind.

Ritual 2:

I usually do ten minutes of meditation in bed (unless the little ones wake me before then). My longer meditation usually happens in the middle of the day when the kids are at school and asleep.

Ritual 3:

I spend time connecting with my daughters before the day starts, usually reading a story while they get dressed or eat breakfast or more recently we’ve tried a quick dance party to get the energy lifted and ready for school. 


To learn more about Elise as a person, you can read our feature interview with her here. If you’re keen to deep dive into her work, you can visit her website mindlifeproject.com , where you can find her book The Happiness Plan or sign on to her transformative mindfulness programme, The Power of Presence.

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