My morning routine: Josh Howard, Single Use Ain’t Sexy

Josh Howard is the Founder of cult Aussie sustainability brand Single Use Ain’t Sexy – he created Australia’s first dissolving hand soap tablet, which comes along with a sexy reusable glass bottle for sustainability-conscious Aussies to proudly display in their home/ office/ cafe/ workshop/ campervan/ spaceship. Since launching, Josh’s waste-free soaps have saved up to 125,000 single-use plastic soap bottles from finding their way into landfill. It’s a genius idea.

We spoke with Josh about the three rituals he incorporates into his mornings.

Ritual 1:

 The first thing I do is make my bed. I can’t leave my bedroom and get on with my day, until it is made! It’s part of a childhood routine and you know what they say about old habits dying hard…

Ritual 2:

 I run. I used to hate the idea of working out in the mornings, but as I’ve gotten older I realise it’s the best thing ever. It gives me a clear head and makes me feel fresh for the whole day.

Ritual 3:

 Is work allowed to be a ritual? At the moment, it feels like it! Our business Single Use Ain’t Sexy is like a high maintenance but loveable infant which I’m (gladly) attached at the hip with 24/7. As soon as my run ends, the work day starts, and it doesn’t stop until late at night.


To learn more about Single Use Ain’t Sexy’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign, you can register to invest at www.birchal.com/company/singleuseaintsexy and own a piece of a future without single-use plastic. Image by Myles Formby – @photoform_gram

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