Our Office Does: Flora & Fauna

A B Corp certified organisation, dedicated to championing conscious, ethical brands and with a rigorous social responsibility focus, Flora & Fauna is a company after our own hearts.

We spoke with Gabby, Marketing Coordinator at Flora & Fauna, about the company ethos and office culture, and how the F&F leaders make working for this inspiring Aussie company nourishing, motivating and (crucially) fun.


“At Flora & Fauna, we are very conscious about having a very warm and welcoming environment. Our office is right next to both our in store shop so we can have a chat with our beautiful customers and our warehouse. Our warehouse team is always pumping the music, so we are always able to hear some good tunes and if you look at the right time, you’ll often see at least one person from our team busting out a move or singing along to a song.

Our company’s purpose is helping everyone make better choices. We live and breathe our company values, not only do they sit right next to us, but we use them to drive all of our decisions. Our office team all sit side by side and work in close proximity, it’s a very encouraging way to communicate easily and brainstorm ideas.

We’re very much a team here at F&F and we often jump in to help the warehouse when they need an extra hand. Our customers love our personal hand written notes, which we write on every F&F order that gets shipped out.

Each day we love sharing great eco news, hacks and introducing new products. We love being there to help people who are wanting to make the switch to our eco products and are super proud to be making a difference to people, the planet and animals.”


To shop Flora and Fauna’s range of ethically made, sustainable, waste-free home, health and personal products, visit floraandfauna.com.au

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