Tips And Tricks For A Plastic Free Life

To help get prepared for Plastic Free July, we’ve put together a round-up of plastic-free tips and tricks – the best Aussie brands helping us live with less of the shiny stuff.


Switch to plastic free cleaning with Cove Cleaning

Switching out your plastic cleaning products and replacing with Cove Cleaning’s award-winning alternatives is a satisfying step towards reducing the plastic you’re responsible for in your day to day life. The Australian-made, plant-based products range from dishwasher tabs to laundry liquid, and are all packaged in stylish, infinitely reusable aluminium bottles. Recyclable refill pouches can be recycled at your local Coles our Woolies for ultimate ease. Order online with code TCS15 for 15% off your order from cove.cleaning

Create a zero plastic bathroom with Zilch Store

Zilch Store is the Marrickville born brand making waste-free living simple and ever-so aesthetically pleasing – putting together beautifully presented boxes of waste-free goodies to transform your bathroom and kitchen into plastic-free spaces. Back in January, Zilch store’s founder Rachel shared her tips for a waste free bathroom with us, and inspired us to reflect (on the products we use), research (the origins, impact and alternatives), reduce (unnecessary bathroom waste) and replace (with more planet-friendly alternatives).

Shop for waste-free kitchen essentials at The Source

Waste-free food stores are thankfully becoming more and more common, and it’s not unreasonable to say that The Source Bulk Foods is to thank. Since their first store opened in Byron Bay in 2012, The Source Bulk Foods have been leading the charge on zero waste living: providing groceries sans plastic and promoting sustainable consumption through their range of reusable, sustainably made pantry essentials. As part of plastic-free July, we’ll be posting one plastic-free recipe from The Source’s team of planet conscious foodies per week, so keep an eye on the website and stock up on your essentials.

Shop for Asian kitchen treats at Naked Asian Grocer

While The Source’s range definitely extends beyond essentials (unless you count chocolate covered macadamias as essential, which… we do), it doesn’t extend as far as Korean seaweed sheets or authentic panko breadcrumbs. That’s where Naked Asian Grocer comes in – Australia’s first plastic-free Asian grocery store. Stock up on sustainably sourced teas and spinach ramen noodles.

Ditch the glad wrap for plant-based Great Wrap

Because of it’s practical, satisfying functionality (sorry beeswax wraps, you’re beautiful but sometimes you just won’t do), cling film has been a mainstay of even the most planet-conscious kitchens. Instead of simply beating themselves up for depending on this petroleum-based pest, husband and wife team Jordy and Julia Kay decided to find a solution. Great Wrap is the only Australian made compostable cling wrap, and is the product we’ve all been waiting for. You can read more about the story behind this wonder product in our interview with Jordy here.

Carry a keep cup

Before Covid hit and changed… everything, carrying a keep cup was becoming the norm. And although some cafes are still refusing to accept a waste-free alternative to disposable cups, it’s worth carrying one just in case. Not every keep cup is created equal, and everyone has their favourite – ours include lightweight plant-based cups from Huskee Cups and Japanese-inspired works of art from Emi Cermaics.

Stock up on plastic-free tableware from 4 Eva Eco

This Sydney-based brand is helping families reduce the amount of plastic in their kitchens, through their range of stainless steel and silicone cups, bowls, lunchboxes and containers. Even if you’re reusing your plastic products, potential exposure to harmful BPAs and toxins makes opting for stainless steel or silicone alternatives a safer option for your health and that of the planet.

Move to plastic-free snacking with The Daily Bar

If you’re in need of sustenance on-the-go, and haven’t had time to prep and pack a selection of nutrient-rich homemade delights (us neither), you’re often left with only plastic-wrapped options. Beautifully packaged in plant-derived, compostable wrappers, The Daily Bar is here to help – nutrient-rich and ridiculously delicious superfood bars that don’t come with any planet-wrecking wastage.

Carry stylish sustainable shopping bags from Wandering Sol

Luckily, there are myriad amazing brands making beautiful reusable bags (The Other Bag, Earth Worthy, Joyrolla, Us & The Earth to name a few). To totally reinvent your shopping trip though, turn to Wandering Sol – the Sydney born brand making divinely designed rustic trolleys, baskets and bags from sustainably sourced organic fibres. The woven seagrass basket is the perfect statement shopping accessory, and The Market Sol organic tote can be packed into any bag, basket or appropriately-sized pocket to save you from having to turn to the supermarket’s plastic alternatives.

Sort out your salad storage with The Swag

For an even more planet-friendly shopping trip, make sure you pack The Swag – a game changing veggie storage bag that extends the life of your fresh produce, and eliminates the need for plastic produce bags. Once you’ve purchased your produce, you can store them in The Swag and keep them in tip-top condition for weeks – reducing waste all round.

Share the love – send a plastic-free gift box from Us & The Earth

The eco gift boxes from this Sydney based brand are the perfect gift this plastic free July – starter kits for kitchens, beauty routines and dental hygiene. The eco smiles gift box is a particular stand-out, and includes a copper tongue scraper to help you incorporate Ayurvedic health principles into your plastic-free bathroom routine.

Stock up on everything with Flora & Fauna

Your one-stop-shop for all things eco friendly, this B Corp gets everything right: vegan, cruelty-free, organic, low-waste products designed to create a kinder world, all compiled in one perfectly curated place.


We’ll be sharing more tips on plastic-free living throughout July and beyond – every plastic-reducing step we can take as a collective is a step in the right direction.

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