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As part of our dedication to championing an ethical approach to work, we’re shining a light on the workplaces making work-life more enriching for their employees. That enrichment can come in many forms – charitable initiatives, flexible hours, chef-prepared lunches… companies are reshaping the structure of work from the inside out, and by sharing these ideas, we can shift the paradigm and create workplaces that allow humans and ideas to thrive.

This week, we spoke with the team at memobottle – the Melbourne based B Corp making stylish, slimline reusable water bottles to minimise the amount of plastic finding its way to landfill. One of memobottle’s social responsibility initiatives is their ongoing partnership with nonprofit organisation  Water.org, a partnership which has seen them provide over 7 million days of safe water to underprivileged communities around the world.

But just as “charity starts at home”, social responsibility begins within the office, so we spoke with memobottle co-founder Jonathan Byrt, about how the memobottle office ethos informs their approach, and vice versa


“At memobottle, we’ve always been big on the idea that workplace and team culture is driven through flexibility and respect. Respect in this case is not only about how we treat each other as individuals. It’s about respect for each other’s time, circumstances, and the different work schedules we need in order to get the most out of work and life.

Jesse and I started memobottle in 2014, with Jesse travelling around Europe and myself living in the US.  Our experience in previous careers created a longing for a lifestyle-based career – where we could work from anywhere, yet still be fully connected.  So this is what we created at memobottle.. A flexible, remote, online and somewhat nomadic business and culture.

Our “head office” is based in Melbourne, in a sustainably designed cowork space (The Commons) which provides a good amount of daily socialising and inspiration.  Some of us might work from here, some from home, and some from an exotic location when travel permits. Some might start early, some might start late – it doesn’t matter as long as our jobs get done. The 9-5 “show face” mentality is not our thing.

We catch up 2-3 times throughout the week (either in person or zoom), and for those in Melbourne, Friday pub lunch is always a highlight and a chance for all of us to unwind together.

We’re also a pretty passionate mob who like to practice what we preach, so reusable water bottles (preferably a memobottle but we don’t discriminate), coffee cups and lunch boxes are always on hand!”


To learn more about memobottle and to get your hands on one of their beautifully designed, ethically produced, BPA and BPS free bottles, visit memobottle.com.au

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