How To Go Plastic-Free In The Kitchen

Plastic bottles filled with cleaning products, cling wrap, Tupperware tubs… the kitchen can easily become a mecca of plastic products, but there are swaps and changes we can make to reduce the amount of plastic we have in our kitchens and lives in general. We’ve put together a list of the steps you can take to turn your kitchen into a plastic-free-zone.


Switch to refillable cleaning products from Cove Cleaning

We’ve been raving about Cove for a while, but not without good reason. Cove Cleaning’s plant-based household cleaning products are made in Australia and packaged in infinitely reusable aluminum bottles which you’ll be proud to keep on display in your plastic-free kitchen. Order online with code TCS15 for 15% off your order from cove.cleaning


Choose a natural dish brush from Green & Kind

Show your dishes some love by choosing a beautiful, sustainable fibre washing up brush from Australian owned B Corp Green & Kind. Made from bamboo and beech, these dish brushes are not only far more aesthetically pleasing than your average dish-cleaning device, but as a 1% For The Planet member, you’re helping the planet through your dish brush preference.


Ditch the cling-wrap for a compostable alternative from Great Wrap

Thanks to a Melbourne based couple dedicated to rethinking the way we live, there’s now an Australian made compostable alternative to (super handy but infuriatingly wasteful) petroleum based cling wrap. You can read about the Great Wrap story in our interview with the founders here.


Choose compostable dish cloths from Retro Kitchen

Dish cloths are something we use every day, so it makes sense to invest in a dish cloth we’re proud to use. The team at Retro Kitchen have the solution for many kitchen requirements, but their compostable dish cloths – complete with playful designs – are our top picks.


Swap Tupperware with stainless steel containers from Cheeki

Cheeki’s range of stainless steel products are the perfect alternative to plastic – BPA free, non-toxic, 100% Australian owned and designed products made to help you live and eat without the need for environmentally harmful plastic products.


Switch to compostable bin liners from Bio Bag

Even if the waste that’s going into your general waste bin isn’t compostable (that’s what compost bins are for), using compostable bin liners ultimately limits the amount of plastic that’s finding its way into landfill. Bio Bag’s bin liners are super robust, as well as being non-toxic and 100% compostable, unlike the infamous black bag.


If you’re ready to do a full re-haul, you can stock up on all things plastic-free at our favourite online zero-waste store Flora & Fauna.

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