The Pain Of Seperation and Cottage Core Escapism

A weekly round-up of what’s keeping us informed and entertained – recommended with love by the TCS team. This week we’re…

Reading about

The pain of seperation

As a team with family that spans across continents, this is a feeling we know only too well. Author Paige Toon articulates the particular pain of being seperated from loved ones incredibly emotively in this article for Vogue.

Listening to

Almost 30

A podcast about transitions, applicable spirituality and personal development. If you’re not keen on “chat” style shows, this isn’t for you, but in our opinion, listening to two best friends talk about the cosmos is the ultimate audio indulgence.



Escapism at its best. Follow for dreamy shots of rural escapes, and book your tiny house getaway for when escapes can occur.

Self-caring with

Ipsum skin

Australian made luxury organic skincare, infused with native plants and botanicals. The perfect treat to look after yourself through lockdown, or send a box to a friend in need – the Ipsum team offer express delivery if you enquire.

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