Feeding Your Dog The Sustainable Way

To celebrate International Dog Day (coming up on August 26th), we spoke with our friends at sustainable pet food brand Scratch, about how to make sure we’re caring for our canine friends in a way that isn’t harming our planet. 

Choose Aussie made and owned

Around 90% of dog food brands are owned by large overseas chocolate producers, which (famously) don’t have the best track record when it comes to environmental preservation, sustainable sourcing techniques or high quality ingredients. Scratch is one of the few dog foods in the market that’s 100% Australian made and owned, which means everything from their sourcing to their production methods can be (and are) easily audited for sustainability.

Choose sustainably sourced meat: better for the health of your pet and the planet

As omnivorous animals that have evolved to live off primarily animal-derived food sources, dogs require meat in their diet to meet their protein needs and stay as healthy as possible. Choosing high quality, responsibly sourced meat is essential to the team at Scratch, not just because they know this is a healthier option for the dogs they’re feeding, but because ultimately, supporting sustainable production methods means a healthier planet for all.   

Watch out for fillers

Many pet food companies cut corners by bulking out their recipes with cheap grains that ultimately decrease the nutritional value of their dog food.  

Beware of self regulation

While the production of food for human consumption is heavily regulated, the dog food industry is self-regulated, which, in practice, means barely regulated at all. Misleading labelling, poor quality meat and opaque production methods prevent consumers from really knowing what they’re buying from the dog food aisle, so the team at Scratch have flipped the script. Scratch is the only dog food company that reveals the exact percentages of ingredients in their recipes. And when recipes are tweaked, they notify their customers right away so their community knows exactly what they’re feeding their pets. 

Support the sustainable makers

Scratch has a direct to consumer subscription model, and by cutting out the middleman, their community gets a better value product, and can reach out directly with any questions, feedback or changes to their needs. Dealing with Scratch directly also means the food finds its way to your dog’s bowl faster and fresher than it would if you were to go via a shop or external retailer.

Shop local

Local warehousing and operational efficiency is vital to keeping Scratch customer orders arriving quickly, without the need for interstate delivery using aircrafts (aka mega-polluters). Scratch has warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Local warehouses = fewer food miles. 


The team at Scratch also go above and beyond by using 100% recyclable packaging, and carbon offsetting their distribution through a partnership with Greenfleet, the Australian not-for-profit that has planted over 500 native forests. If you’re ready to step up the sustainability of your dog’s diet (they really can’t do it on their own), you can browse Scratch’s range of high quality, Aussie made dog food options at scratchpetfood.com.au

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