The Skincare Brand That’s Saving Our Ocean

At their core, personal care brands are committed to making humans feel a little better, which is why it lights us up to learn about the skincare and cosmetics companies going above and beyond for more than just the people using their products. The example that really embodies this holistically compassionate approach is the Australian natural skincare brand Sukin, a company that continuously promotes environmental preservation, while making exceptional skin, hair and body products to make us feel cared for too.

Sukin’s ever-expanding range of skincare and hair care products are created in Australia with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients, and through a carbon offsetting scheme, Sukin has been operationally carbon neutral for over thirteen years. The team at Sukin take this caring approach to everything they do, and their commitment to promoting the wellbeing of their employees saw Sukin listed as one of Australia’s best places to work in the 2021 Inventium Workplace Report. Learning about the steps Sukin takes to care for their team (as well as the planet), we wanted to explore the work they’re doing beyond the office, starting with their ground-breaking charitable partnership with Greening Australia’s Reef Aid preservation programme.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Dr Lynise Wearne: program director of Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program. In an article we published entitled “How The Reef Aid Team Are Saving Our Reef”, Lynise explained the holistic approach that the Reef Aid team are taking, which involves restoring coastal wetlands and farmland to minimise water pollution in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, as well as planting trees to help combat CO2 production.

As an environmental enterprise, Greening Australia relies on the support of environmentally conscious businesses and organisations, and after learning about the amazing work they’re doing, it inspired us to celebrate the organisations giving their support. 

After learning about the work that Greening Australia are doing through their Reef Aid program, Sukin decided to make a long-term commitment to supporting the Reef Aid initiative. Working with farmers, volunteers and researchers, Sukin are helping to regenerate an area of farmland just south of Cairns, and have helped the landowners and the Reef Aid team plant over 70,000 trees along this area of coast to reduce the amount of polluting nutrients making their way into the ocean. The approach being taken in this particular area involves naturally slowing the water’s journey to the ocean through the root filtration system, then holding it in a lagoon where it’s treated with natural phragmites that filter the water even more.

What’s particularly fascinating to us about this charitable partnership is the hands-on, long-term approach. To extend the benefits of their work, Sukin have launched a new product range in collaboration with Reef Aid: the Sukin x Reef Aid collection, which sees 20 cents from each purchase donated to the Reef Aid campaign. 

If you’re interested in learning more about  the work that Reef Aid are doing, you can read our interview with the Reef Aid Program Director Dr Lynise Wearne here. If you’re a visual learner, we’d recommend watching this video of the Sukin team and some of their fellow ocean-loving friends who visited the Reef Aid sites to learn about the work that’s being carried out on the ground.

If you’re ready to show your support, you can purchase the Sukin X Reef Aid products – a cleansing hand wash and botanical body wash infused with nourishing botanicals – at your local Coles store, or online at sukinnaturals.com.au

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