Why These Numbers Keep Appearing In Your Life

We’ve all been told to make a wish at 11:11, and we’re all vaguely familiar with the concept that 666 is understood to be the “number of the beast”, but is there more to the appearance of repeating numbers in your life?

The theory around angel numbers is that certain sequences of numbers represent messages from your angels or guides. By causing these numbers to appear repeatedly in your life, your angel guides are encouraging you to pause and consider the meaning being offered. To help decode what that meaning might be, we’ve listed the widely accepted significance of ten angel numbers that might be popping up in your life.



For many reasons, including the looping shape of the number, 0 is thought to represent infinity. If the number sequence 000 is repeatedly appearing in your life, this could be an encouragement for you to accept the universal connection between everything. Based on the “infinite” connotations, 000 is thought to represent an infinite supply of guidance from your spiritual helpers.



For obvious reasons, the number 1 represents the self, but this number is also thought to refer to the oneness of everything. If the number sequence 111 keeps appearing in your life, it may be encouraging you to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings: we are all one. With this in mind, 111 could also encourage you to help someone else by using your own gifts. 

The suggestion that 11:11 is a good time to make a wish is linked to the theory that numbers are linked to their own vibrational frequency. 11:11 is thought to be linked to powerful attraction energy, suggesting that when you come into contact with these numbers, you are existing in an energetic field that will allow for easeful manifestation.



The number 2 represents harmony and balance – the duality between everything in life: the masculine and feminine, the material and the ephemeral. When the number 2 repeatedly arises in your life, it could be encouraging you to work on your relationships, or assess the balance within your own life. The number 2 or 222 could also be linked to your destiny, and working towards that destiny, with the understanding that what you seek is seeking you.  If the number 222 continuously arises in your life, it is thought to suggest that you should carry on working towards your dreams.


The number 3 is thought to represent completion: the convergence of past, future and present. The emergence of the number sequence 333 in your life is thought to be a reminder of the divine nature of the world, a reassurance that spirituality is interwoven into everything.


The number 4 is thought to represent wholeness and hope. 444 is understood to be the favourite number sequence of angels, and should be read as a positive omen: an indication that your angels are near, and are supportive of your path. 


The number 5 represents the need for change. If the number 555 arises at a time of immense change, chaos and disruption, it’s there to reassure you that change is a necessary part of life and growth.



The number 6 is thought to be linked closely to material concerns, and that can include physical health as well as financial and material security. Although it has negative connotations in numerology (known as “the number of the beast”), the series 666 might be a catalyst to push you in the right direction, or a warning to take consideration of your material situation and motivations, to ensure these are positively balanced.


The number 7 is regarded as sacred in numerology, particularly in the study of angel number sequences. 777 is considered to be the most spiritual number, and seeing this might suggest that you are more connected to your spirit guides and angels. When the number 777 arises in your life, it might suggest that your spiritual intuition is expanding: a sign to tap more into your spiritual capacities. 


The number 8 is thought to represent both abundance and karma, as suggested by the infinity symbolism in the number itself. If 888 is consistently arising in your life, it is reminding you to appreciate the abundance in your life, and encouraging you to be generous with that abundance however you can.



The last of the single digits, the number 9 is thought to represent fulfilment. If the sequence 999 is arising regularly for you, it could suggest that something is ending, and symbolise completion.

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