The Power Of Kindness, Sydney’s Best Picnic Packs and Uniquely Playful Prints

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Broadsheet’s round-up of Sydney’s best picnics

For the fully vaxed Sydneysiders among us, it’s picnic season. With their signature encyclopaedic knowledge of the city’s foodscape, the team at Broadsheet have put together a round up of packs and hampers to elevate your legally sanctioned outdoor dinner.

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The audiobook of The Power Of Kindness

Written and narrated by Canadian physician, Dr. Brian Goldman, this incredibly informative, inspiring and soul enriching read examines how compassion and empathy can have a positive impact on every aspect of our life. As well as examining the dark triad personality traits (narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy), The Power of Kindness tells the stories of compassionate people from around the world. Weaving uplifting anecdotes with scientific insight, The Power Of Kindness is a beautiful reprieve from the negative news cycles that can be difficult to escape from.



A unique curation of prints by young emerging artists, carefully chosen based on the sense of curiosity they ignite.

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