Best Apps Of 2021

We all know that too much screen time is no good to anyone, but the little machines in our pockets can, when used correctly, unlock a world of good.

Here are the apps that the TCS team have been loving this year.

Reforest – An App That Plants Trees

This is the app that we’ve all been talking about in the TCS (virtual) office: Reforest is the app that lets you plant trees with every purchase. As well as helping consumers make a positive impact as they shop, Reforest partners with environmentally-conscious brands to help them improve their corporate social responsibility. Reforest works by allowing consumers and companies to support Aussie forest plantations with every purchase – and you can watch your forest grow from your phone…so much more satisfying than scrolling through a social feed.

Blinkist – An App That Reads Books (so you don’t have to)

“This app was a recommendation from my friend Babs, and it’s such a hack. Blinkist summaries the key ideas from nonfiction books in easily digestable 15 minute podcasts. I’m not endorsing giving up reading entirely – few things excite me more than a perfectly constructed sentence – but sometimes you do just want to understand the jist. “

Winnie – TCS Content Editor

Chopra – An App That Connects You To Age Old Wisdom

“The Chopra app is a one-stop-shop for meditations, self-care advice and Ayurvedic wisdom. It’s great to dip into throughout the day instead of turning to socials. It’s also beautifully designed,”

Jess – TCS Founder

Our Pact – An App That Limits Screen Time (paradoxically)

“Our Pact has allowed me to regain control over my primary school aged daughter’s screen time. The Covid situation has significantly increased screen time in our home which had a not so good affect on her mental health. Since downloading Our Pact we have regained a better balance between screen time and getting out into nature.”

Jo – TCS Partnerships Manager

Video Leap – An App That Turns Your Phone Into An Editing Suite

“I love this app as it is so easy to edit Instagram ready videos! Just drag and drop your clips around, add rouyalty free music already in the app plus you can add text overlays, special effects and more. Perfect for reels and Tik Tok editing!”

Iesha – TCS Social Media Manager

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