My Morning Routine: Juliet Allen, Sexologist

As part of our mission to help our community live more fulfilling lives, we like to share the morning routines of the humans who inspire us: the individuals who are thinking outside the box to shift the paradigm and facilitate new, more expansive ways of being. Juliet Allen is a prime example.
Juliet is a Sexologist, host of the Authentic Sex podcast and head teacher at Pleasure School™. In 2021, Juliet created Yinn™ — a holistic sexual wellness brand for conscious lovers. Juliet’s purpose is to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality & transform their sex and relationships. We asked Juliet to share three rituals she incorporates into her mornings:

Ritual 1:

Tongue Scraping, Oil Pulling & Cleaning my teeth (in that order!). Followed by a big drink of purified rain water.

Ritual 2:

Four mornings a week I enjoy 30 minutes in our infrared sauna, followed by a cold shower, and ideally I then go for a walk to move my body and give my 4 month old son his first sleep for the day. I love that he gets to fall asleep listening to nature sounds (we live in the countryside surrounded by heaps of birds and farm animals) while I exercise.

Ritual 3:

Make myself a hot elixir filled with medicinal mushrooms, collagen, coconut oil and honey! I love to sip on a hot cacao or turmeric elixir each morning while sitting in the sun.

To learn more about Juliet’s work, visit her website juliet-allen.com, and you can follow Juliet on Instagram @juliet_allen and her holistic sexual wellness brand via her business account @yinnbody

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