The Irrationality Of Human Behaviour, A Brutalist Bunker In The Making And Nature’s Multivitamin

A weekly round-up of what’s keeping us informed and entertained – recommended with love by the TCS team. This week we’re…

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Gwyneth Paltrow on Armchair Expert

In this long form interview, Gwyneth Paltrow talks candidly about smoking, sex, parenting and business.

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Irrational, natural, unavoidable human behaviour

In this empathetic article for Dumbo Feather, Hugh Mackay explores human behaviour, and examines how our propensity towards emotional responses sits at odds with our assumption that other people will act with rationality.



On a secluded macadamia farm in the Byron hinterland, the Fewson family have spent the past few years building and converting spectacular spaces for unique escapes. You can read the story behind Paddock Hall here, and follow their latest project  – a striking brutalist bunker – via the One Oh Seven R Instagram.


Apia Honey

Honey – when it’s raw and unfiltered – is nature’s multivitamin: enriched with natural goodness that helps with everything from gut health to cognitive function. Last week’s episode of the Almost 30 podcast explores the benefits of honey, so we’re turning to our favourite honey brand Apia Honey to tap into the superfood benefits of the sweet stuff.

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