What To Expect This Sagittarius Season

DATES: 23rd November – 22nd December

PLANET: Jupiter


MODE: Mutable

SYMBOL: Archer

MANTRA: ‘I see’

BODY: Hips, thighs and liver

HOUSE: Ninth

The leap from Scorpio season into Sagittarius season is often regarded as one of the biggest energy leaps in our astrological year. From the deep, dark, watery depths of Scorpio, rising out and upwards into Sagittarius’ happy-go-lucky, bright, spontaneous energy, it’s a welcome change!

Sagittarius is ruled by mighty Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, and when the sun moves into this sign on the 23rd of November, the air will be filled with an optimistic energy, making us feel like we can, once again, take on the world. It’s no wonder that this time of year is so festive, filled with celebration and time with loved ones when it’s ruled by our life-loving Sag! There’s no better sign to lead this time of year than the passionate archer.

Make the most of this energetic time and embrace the world in its new light. Maybe you aren’t so much of a festive person, but there’s no reason to not use this time to take chances and try something new. Not only is this sign optimistic and spontaneous, it’s expansive and if there’s anything you want to try, this is absolutely the time to do it, push boundaries, whether it’s a new hobby or a relationship, platonic or romantic, take the chance!

Stay open minded, but understand that everyone experiences each season differently, the shadow aspects of Sag are that they can potentially come across as a big arrogant or a bit too blunt, so keep an eye on your attitude, although you may be doing the work on yourself, just remember that others may not be feeling themselves perhaps as much as you. Be careful not to burn yourself out in this fiery season, because before you know it, Capricorn season will be right around the corner and ready to kick your ass into shape for the New Year.

This astrological update was contributed by the wonderful Georgina Neve, founder of sustainable astrological print studio Sunday Valentine. To tap into more of Georgina’s insights, you can follow her on Instagram @sunday__valentine

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