My Morning Routine: Anna Ross, Kester Black

We spoke with this month’s Conscious Curator, the inspiring Anna Ross, about the rituals she incorporates into her mornings.

Ritual 1: 

I start every day with an hour long meditation. My partner and I sit with the cats on our laps and meditate for an hour or longer, depending on our commitments and routine at the time. There have been phases when our daily meditation practice has been around four hours, but one hour seems to be the routine at the moment. 

Ritual 2:

After a meditation, I get outside into nature. I walk through the forest and connect with nature, touching and smelling the trees. They’re wildling pines and I love the way they smell, it reminds me of Christmas. 

Ritual 3:

Then, very on brand, it’s time for my skincare routine . I cleanse and put on my serums and then I’m ready for the day.


To learn more about Anna’s insights on meditation, as well as her thoughts on social media, work, spaces and style, we’d recommend taking a deep dive into her feature interview here. To browse the Kester Black range of ethically produced, cruelty free, vegan products, visit kesterblack.com

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