Our Office Does: Kester Black

As part of our dedication to championing an ethical approach to work, we’re shining a light on the workplaces making work-life more enriching for their employees.

This week, we spoke with the team behind Kester Black: the B Corp certified beauty brand behind our favourite cruelty free, vegan, carbon neutral nail varnish.

Kester Black’s founder – the inspiring Anna Ross – is the TCS Conscious Curator for the month of December, so we thought we’d share a little about work life at KB before releasing Anna’s full edit. When asked about the Kester Black office ethos, Anna explained:


There are lots of great things about working for an ethical beauty company; the feeling of doing something good for the planet whilst wearing the best colours is a great start, but working at Kester Black means you’re part of a team that loves beauty as much as doing the right thing.

Everyone at Kester Black collaborates internally and with suppliers/partners to ensure a best-in-class shopper experience, that sales targets are met, we have sufficient stock to meet demand, our brand and message is amplified through partners, customer service is top notch, and we continue to lead and differentiate in the market. At its simplest we strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience with great products, brand and service.
Keep an eye on the TCS home page for Anna’s full curator edit, and to stock up on high quality, ethical beauty products, visit kesterblack.com

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