Christmas Gifts That Give Back

If you’re stuck on what to buy for someone you love this festive season, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a round-up of charitable gifts, so you can share the gift of giving.

A donation to the Women’s And Girls Emergency Centre

Christmas time is supposed to be a time of love, celebration and safety, but for many women and girls living in abusive relationships and hostile domestic circumstances, this time of year can be the most dangerous. Offer a friend the gift of shared compassion this Christmas, and make a donation to the Womens And Girls Emergency Centre on their behalf. Your donation will help secure safer futures for women and children in need – a gift that guarantees happier Christmases is our kind of gift.

An animal-saving tee from Me for You foundation

If you’re looking for a charitable gift in tangible form, we’d recommend browsing the playful range of tees from Me for You foundation. The fun, ethically made cotton tees feature designs from artist Ellie Hopley (who goes by the artist name and Instagram handle Shuturp), are shipped in compostable packaging and the profits made from their sale goes towards protecting abandoned animals.

Make Wishes come true with The Salvation Army

While most of us spend the Christmas season with loved ones, those of us not fortunate enough to have a home often find this time of year the most difficult, even more so during a pandemic. This year, The Salvation Army is offering a full Christmas Catalogue of Wishes, so you can buy everything from a Christmas lunch to a Family Day Out to a Street Survival Pack, and your loved one will know that they’ve helped make a wish come true for a person in need this Christmas.

Foster a greyhound from GAPNSW

Greyhounds As Pets is a not for profit dedicated to saving greyhounds who have been victims of the greyhound racing industry. While giving your mum or brother a dog for life might not be a practical idea, giving them the gift of a (lifestyle suited, well behaved) greyhound to spend their Christmas with is a more accessible option, and you’ll benefit from canine cuddles too. For a dog-loving family member, GAPNSW’s Christmas foster scheme might be the perfect gift: share your experience and living situation with the team at GAPNSW, and if you’re a suitable foster home, the GAPNSW team will deliver a lifestyle matched greyhound to your door so you can spend a loving holiday season together.

Give gifts that change lives with UNICEF

UNICEF’s range of charitable gifts this year are genuinely life changing, so you can give a loved one the gift of knowing they’ve turned lives around forever. For $60, you can buy a pack of 24 COVID vaccines, and for $71 you can empower 40 girls with reusable sanitary pads to help them live with freedom and dignity.

For more charitable gift ideas, check out Oxfam’s “Unwrapped” gift page to sponsor a goat or a chicken for a family in need – the original charity gift.

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