What does conscious living look like to you?

In a world where anxiety, waste, climate change and disconnect are part of the everyday discourse, curious humans are turning to conscious living and sustainability in order to move away from the chaos and live more considered and fulfilled lives.

More and more, people are looking to their community, their loved ones, the natural world and within themselves for the answers. They’re making informed and conscious decisions about their consumption, they’re searching for better ways to raise their children and live sustainably, and they’re yearning for more meaning in a world of disarray.

The Conscious Space is a platform that brings together a community of curious humans searching for connection and calm in their lives. It’s a space that’s conducive to learning, discovery and growth. It’s where the answers to the questions around a more conscious, sustainable and rewarding life can be found.

‘Thousands of curious Australians have already joined our community in one year since we launched. People are looking for something far removed from the status quo of impulsive consumerism and mass production. With this platform, we want to cultivate conversation, foster the ‘what-if’s’ and connect people to communities who are motivated by being a force for good on our planet.” Jess Mcleod Founder.


Meet the founder

Jess Mcleod

Founder of The Conscious Space, Jess Mcleod and her team are compelled to try to make a difference, to change the conversation around mindless consumerism, our health and the health of the planet. To create a space that allows amazing creative and innovative businesses and people to be heard by a new audience.

Coming from a strong background in events ( Jess co-founded and was director of One Fine Collective. Alongside her two businesses partners, the Collective team successfully launched three new large scale events and digital platforms into the Australian and American market, seeing an average of 30,000 attendees per year and over 250,000 engaged members), Jess is now working with a team of passionate and inspired writers, designers, event managers, and other experts in their field to bring to life a new platform in the Australian market.

As more and more people start to consider their personal choices and how that may impact their health and that of the planet, the Conscious Space team is creating  a place people can come to learn more. A place where everyone is welcome





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