Amela by Melanie Grace

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Amela by Melanie Grace is a seasonless, sustainable fashion brand, with a slow fashion business model, an alternative to the wasteful fast-fashion options. We pay tribute to our earthy, elemental roots which continue to inspire our collections with our mission to define what the future of fashion is and how it is possible to create high-quality products that make you feel wonderful without creating harm to our environment.


What problem is your business solving:

At Amela by Melanie Grace, we aim to produce less and only where there is demand. This process may be a little slower but we want to shift consumer spending culture, educate our customers and do our part to make a difference towards waste and damage to our environment caused by the fashion industry. We use as many environmentally sustainable fabrics and practices as we can as a symbol of our commitment to push for change.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

– Slow Fashion business model all handmade in Australia.

– I handle every part of the process from designing, sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics, pattern-making to garment construction, marketing and customer service.

– Drawing from the beauty found in our natural surroundings and environment, Amela by Melanie Grace sparks the fusion of a new way to tackle fashion, where neither timeless aesthetics or our precious earth are sacrificed for the sake of fashion


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration cam from for your business:

Melanie Grace, founder and creative director of Amela by Melanie Grace, discovered she had a calling for beautifully crafted clothing when she fell in love with fashion at a young age. In pursuit of her dreams, she undertook further study to grow her knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry and her journey led her to graduate from RMIT University with a Degree in Fashion Design and Technology and a passion for sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Wanting to pave the way for the sustainable future of the industry, her education and other skills from her previous role as an event manager gave her the valuable experience she needed to ignite her own stamp on the fashion industry, by successfully launching her own fashion label in 2020, Amela by Melanie Grace. Inspired by earthy, elemental roots, fashion was a way for Melanie Grace to express herself, she wanted to create clothing that people felt wonderful in, confident and inspired.

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