About Apia Honey

Apia Honey is a wellness collective on a mission to share safe and healthy honey-based solutions from Western Australia.We believe in making conscious lifestyle choices—from what you eat, to what you put on your body, to all your daily rituals.

What problem is your business solving:

Have you ever wondered where your honey actually comes from? By scanning the QR code on your apia honey label you will be taken on a tout of the exact apiary site that your honey was produced from. We also provide a natural solution to common skin conditions such as eczema/dermatitis for those looking for a sustainable alternative to the ‘steroid creams’ prescribed for these conditions ultimately leaving your skin in a worse condition in the long term.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. The honey I produce is highly active meaning its classified as ‘medicinal’ on a antibacterial + antimicrobial level
  2.  The brand was created out of genuine & authentic intentions with my children suffering from poor skin health
  3. The ability to trace the source of your honey is not common in the marketplace so hopefully i build trust through transparency

Can you tell us a little bit about the background and inspiration behind your business?

My grandfather always kept bees about the importance of bees from an early age. When my 2 daughters were born they developed severe eczema and it affected their quality of life tremendously so i went on a journey of trying to source a sustainable longer term solution from a management perspective to keep it under control. Honey + beeswax were common ingredients among the most successful natural treatments available so i started to test and trial my own honey + beeswax on my kids to see if would help them –> results were incredible so i thought about scaling this solution into a business to help others in similar positions


Apia Honey was created out of a need to solve a family health condition. Healthy bees producing active honey in a pristine environment were the key ingredients to the solution and available at my doorstep.

Apia Honey Values
  • Environmentally
  • Toxin-Free
  • Australian

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