Archie Rose

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Founded in 2014 and located in Sydney, Australia – just a few kilometres south of the city – Archie Rose Distilling Co. is Australia’s most highly awarded distillery. With conviction, we strive to re-define Australia’s rich tradition in distilling by producing a diverse range of whiskies, gins, vodkas and rums, as well as one-off collaborations, limited releases and spirits experiences.


What problem is your business solving?

Being the one of Sydney’s first multi-spirit distilleries in more than 160 years, Archie Rose provides people the opportunity to enjoy quality, local spirits made with Australian ingredients. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge by providing the opportunity for people to experience and understand our distillation and spirit-making processes.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

– Guided by our belief in transparency, Archie Rose is proud to openly share the ethos behind what, how and why we do things with a drive to universally expand people’s knowledge and appreciation of spirits. We offer a range of tours, Tailored Spirits experiences, and events on-site at our Rosebery venue and in other venues around Australia. 

– Our thirst for innovation sees us build on our unique approach to spirit making and push the boundaries of traditional distilling techniques using an array of native and imported botanicals, uncommon malts and carefully selected casks to create spirits that are distinctly our own. 

– We raise our glass to individual expression with our Tailored Spirits offering, which allows you to create your own gin, vodka or whisky to be custom-made by our distillers, complete with a personalised front label.


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Inspired by Australia’s variety of quality produce and rich distilling history founder, Will Edwards, set out to create Archie Rose Distilling Co. in 2014. With no local distillery to refer to, Will visited urban distilleries in New York and reached out to some of the world’s best distillers in Tasmania where he learned the skills, passion and commitment to outstanding spirit production that created the foundation for Archie Rose. 

Through a marriage of technical and creative collaboration, we have proudly developed one of the world’s most innovative urban distilleries. Since opening the Bar and Distillery in Rosebery, Archie Rose has gone on to increase production with our new distillery in Banksmeadow. The innovation and flexibility built into the new distillery is a significant step towards fulfilling our ambition of showcasing Australia’s incredible ingredients and giving more people the opportunity to drink excellent local spirits. In all that we produce, we find continual inspiration in the quality and diversity of the crops and produce grown across Australia. We’re proud to be forging an authentic new tradition that’s boldly innovative and true to its roots.

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