Bohemi Handcrafted

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Gentle on Pets. Gentle on the Earth! Our range of pet accessories are hand crafted with your dogs health & the environment in mind. We use only the finest Hemp & Flax Linen & Certified Organic Cotton for our products, making them sustainable, non toxic & hypoallergenic.


What problem is your business solving?

We produce 100% plastic free, non toxic, products.

Hemp & Flax Linen are extremely sustainable fibres. They’re both grown using very minimal water, they’re naturally pest resistant so there are no chemical sprays used and they are good for the soil. Hemp & Flax Linen are also biodegradable & compostable so it’s great to know once our products have served their purpose, they will return to the earth. For us, it is very important that we protect our precious land and all the creatures living on it. With fast fashion being a major environmental problem we are committed to sourcing only the most sustainable fibres for a durable product with minimal environmental impact. 

Our range of collars and leads are made from natural hemp which is hypoallergenic, anti microbial and anti fungal. We have a large customer base that have dogs who suffer from hair loss and skin irritation around their neck, within weeks of switching over to our collars the irritation clears up and their dog is pain free. This makes us extremely happy to be able to help out our little fur friends in such a big way.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. We are completely sustainable from start to finish. We design and handcraft all products here in NSW, our in home workshop where our manufacturing process ensures little to no wastage. Our products are minimally packaged (we don’t care for all the unnecessary fluff) but where needed it’s 100% plastic free, recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable & totally earth friendly.

  2. We understand that not all dogs are the same and many owners are looking for a specific item to be made by us, using our hypoallergenic hemp. We strive to provide long lasting products that are exactly what our customers need so we welcome custom orders at no extra cost and do our very best to meet the needs of each unique furry friend.

  3. Bohemi Handcrafted is made up of just 3 of us.. Me – Mandy, the owner, designer, maker, customer service, order packer and tracker, graphic designer, photographer, accountant, and the list goes on, Dan – My amazing partner in crime who is a full time Concreter but still manages to fit in many hours a week working on the business. Dan’s job title is a bit of everything, assistant, ideas man, customer service, stall maker, sounding board, break down manager & we’re working on getting him on the sewing machine soon! Last but not least Marlow – our rescue Kelpie who is living the high life as a model, product tester, quality control officer and all round barrel of laughs.


What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS? 

We will be bringing you a stunning display of collars, leads, restraints and other pet accessories to fit all shapes and sizes. We have a special discount store wide for all The Conscious Space purchases. 


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

We’ve spent many years travelling this great countryside, feeding a desire to be amongst nature and untouched lands. It was on the big lap of Australia travelling with Dan in my little Nissan Pulsar with nothing but a camera and some bare essentials that I found a deep rooted appreciation and connection to the land, it’s people and the animals.

In 2016 I lost my best mate of 14 years to liver disease. Obie was a little Fox Terrier x Jack Russel and truly the greatest little dog you could imagine. He enjoyed a good road trip and the beach was his happy place. The question we kept asking was how could a dog that was well looked after, didn’t drink alcohol or eat bad food end up in this condition? The persistent search for answers quickly lead me to further research on toxins in our environment, the chemicals in our homes from body products, cleaning products, food, furniture, paint etc. All of these environmental toxins play havoc on our (and our pets) bodies and organs as they try to filter it out. This is where our natural, non toxic and sustainable journey began. 

I went on to complete Cert II in Animal Studies through the RSPCA then continued to further my knowledge with Animal Behaviour & Psychology studies and a side of Natural Animal Health Care. It was around this time that Marlow (the Kelpie seen all over our socials) came into our life. Marlow was only 9 months old, and through no fault of his own had been living in the shelter for 5 of those months. This once very timid and scared boy had gone through 4 bouts of Kennel Cough and countless other stress related immune illnesses in his very early start to life. We decided to take our new found knowledge and give this little guys the best chance at life possible. Our mission was to boost his health and rectify some of the mental problems, which we have successfully done. We incorporate our non toxic living practices to all aspects of his life. When looking for a truely non toxic and sustainable collar / lead for young Marlow, I struggled to find anything durable enough for this strong boy. After learning all about the superior strength of hemp, I started making his gear myself… and this is where Bohemi Handcrafted was born! 

Bohemi is a legacy to Obie and a promise to Marlow. It’s been a long journey to get to where we are today but looking back, the past is a jigsaw puzzle of vital pieces that all fit together, we now have a thriving little sustainable business that is helping keep pets healthy and educating owners at the same time. I am so proud of where we are today but it’s only just the beginning 🙂  

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