Bohemi Handcrafted

Please give us your elevator pitch:  

Gentle on Pets. Gentle on the Earth.  

Our range of timeless pet accessories are handcrafted with your dogs health and the  environment in mind. 

What problem is your business solving?  

Healthy Pets – Domestic pets are increasingly exposed to our chemical heavy lifestyles,  suffering illnesses as a result. We use only natural Hemp, Linen and Certified Organic  Cotton for our products, making them non toxic and hypoallergenic. This is extremely  important for the health of our pets, especially when these products are in direct contact  with their skin.  

Healthy Earth – All products are designed and handcrafted in our NSW home workshop  where the manufacturing process ensures little to no wastage and minimal environmental  impact. We are committed to providing pet owners with plastic free, sustainable products  that can be repaired, composted or recycled once they’re outgrown or worn out.  

Tell us three unique things about your business: 

HEMP RANGE – Our range of collars, leads and harnesses are made using ethically  sourced natural Hemp that is naturally hypoallergenic, anti microbial and anti fungal. Great  for the health and wellbeing of any pooch but a must have for the sensitive fur babies. 

GIVING BACK – We are committed to giving back where possible, for the Earth, the  Animals & the People. We donate 5% from every order to animal rescue and  environmental organisations fighting the good fight.  

RECYCLING PROGRAM – All good things eventually come to an end, or puppies grow.  This doesn’t mean your once loved pet accessories need to end up in landfill. Our ‘Worn  Out Wear’s’ recycling program is designed to help customers dispose of their end of use  products without leaving a trace. We even compost the textiles scraps ourselves! 

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from  for your business?  

I spent many years travelling this great countryside, feeding a desire to be amongst nature  and untouched lands. It was on the big lap of Australia that I found a deep rooted  appreciation and connection to the land, its people and the animals.  

After losing my best mate Obie (a 14 year old Fox Terrier x Jack Russel) in 2016 to liver  disease, the question I kept asking was how could a dog that was healthy and well looked  after end up with this condition? The persistent search for answers quickly lead me down a  rabbit hole of information on toxins in our environment & in our homes. Everything from 

body products, cleaning products, food, clothing, furniture, paint etc. These hidden nasties  play havoc on our (and our pets) bodies, putting strain on our organs as they try to filter  out the junk. This is where our all natural, non toxic & sustainable journey began. 

I went on to complete Cert II in Animal Studies through the RSPCA then continued to  further my knowledge with Animal Behaviour & Psychology along with Natural Animal  Health Care. It was around this time that Marlow (the Kelpie seen all over our socials)  came into our life.  

Marlow was only 9 months old, and through no fault of his own had been living in a shelter  for 5 of those months. This once timid and scared boy had been through 4 lots of Kennel  Cough and countless other stress related immune illnesses in his first few months so we  decided to take our new found knowledge and give this little guy the best possible chance  at life.  

We incorporate our non toxic living practices to all aspects of Marlow’s life but when  looking for truely non toxic and sustainable pet wear, I struggled to find anything durable  enough for this strong boy. Knowing about the superior strength and health benefits of  hemp fibre, I decided to make his gear myself… and that’s where Bohemi Handcrafted pet  wear was born! 

Bohemi is a legacy to Obie and a promise to Marlow. We are extremely proud of our little  business and look forward to working on new ways to provide truely sustainable options that keep our pets healthy while taking care of the earth at the same time. 

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