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Please give us your elevator pitch:

We bring the artisans of Africa to your home and lifestyle. Coastal Drift is an importer and wholesaler to the interiors industry and trade, as well as retailing direct to consumer. Our products are ethically made pieces, slowly hand-crafted with natural fibres and time-honoured techniques. Created to preserve tradition and last a lifetime. We want the world to celebrate and have access to the incredible handcrafts of Africa, whilst preserving the cultural traditions of indigenous master artisans, and supporting their families and communities. Founding Owner, Monique, has curated unique luxury home and lifestyle collections from business partnerships in countries that she has personal connection to. This ensures we focus on enduring quality craftsmanship, design-differentiation and individual charm, to provide point-of-difference for our end-Clients. Our pieces are all hand-crafted from start to finish – perfectly imperfect; no two are the same.

What problem is your business solving?

Inspiring people to make considered choices and purchase with purpose. Conscious consumerism still has a long way to go. We prioritise driving education and awareness to global retailers, designers and consumers thus ensuring a wider understanding of how, where and by whom their homewares are made. We are starting to see the celebration and real value of slow hand-crafts, fair-trade, natural and life-long global treasures within our home and lifestyles. Working with our exclusive suppliers and artisans, as well as curating traditional African functional and/or decorative pieces; we also develop new contemporary designs with our partners to drive broader appeal in a global market place. We also strive for positive Artisan & Community Impact. Every purchase of a Coastal Drift piece ensures that genuine artisans in Africa receive recognition, financial and community support for the weaving / crafting of a product that is enjoyed and purchased globally. Providing employment and a source of income to people in a region where wildlife roams the land and jobs are scarce; decreases the risk of poaching and deforestation.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

Founding Owner: Monique’s passion for her African birthplace and business purpose will always be at the heart of Coastal Drift. Very much involved in the day-to-day of the business, she is a wealth of background, be it on individual artisans, product fibres, weaving techniques, or the latest inventory stock take.

Sustainable Impact through Creativity and Craftmanship: Our commitment to sustainability influences all aspects of our business. We are dedicated to sustainably producing each item, without compromising on quality, production method, or materials. We believe by sourcing and promoting products that are produced slowly and responsibly, with respect for the environment; we can do our part to help promote mindful, conscious consumption with a positive social impact.

Exclusive partnerships: Our range of unique luxury African home and lifestyle collections preserves cultural traditions and the skills, knowledge and expertise of artisans. We want to showcase the talents and designs of Africa with the world. Supporting the artisans through fair trade provides them with continued income and supports their family, health and education needs. We only work with exclusive suppliers, so you can be confident the pieces you source through us are unique and will provide you a real point of difference.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Like a piece of coastal drift, my life-journey started in Malawi, then on to Europe, a short stint in Zimbabwe; and I have been settled in Australia for seventeen years, most recently on Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches. With over 20 years of buying, renovating and styling properties in the UK and Australia, and a career in design and marketing; in 2014 I combined life and career into business.

In an ever more cluttered environment filled with fast-moving, poor quality and low value homewares and interiors; I had a vision to create a platform that would deliver high quality and mid to high-value homewares and lifestyle goods to continents outside of Africa – whilst ensuring global retail dollars reached the hands of the producers whose traditional designs and skillsets had crafted pieces. The African people who I had grown-up surrounded by and felt connected to. This would in-turn ultimately provide the artisans their own global window to showcase their incredible designs and talents – protecting their traditions, heritage and livelihoods.

I’m passionate about supporting the highly-skilled artisans of south east region of Africa; their families and communities. I am equally driven to ensure our end-Clients and their customers receive high-quality, durable and genuine products made from sustainable natural materials.

Head over to our website to see an incredible range of furniture, home décor, jewellery, lighting, rugs and textiles! www.coastaldrift.net @coastaldriftinteriors @malawicane_au

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