Cream Collection

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Planet friendly, restaurant quality aprons & beautiful homewares , all ethically made in Australia from 100% Organic cotton or Pure Linen.


What problem is your business solving?

We keep messy creatives clean and happy by dressing them in planet friendly aprons which are ethically made here in Australia, supporting local businesses and the Australian economy. In addition, there’s a demand for Australian made and designed products that have a contemporary creative edge – and this is where we’ve really focused our efforts.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

1. Our customers created our business for us 🙂

Pre-COVID, our primary target market was hospitality apparel but when Australia went into lockdown, we started growing a new customer base. People were cooking, baking, planting, painting and being creative at home and they needed aprons to protect themselves. Those looking for  premium quality, planet friendly products with quick and safe deliveries,  found and bought our restaurant quality aprons.  Once they experienced these organic cotton aprons, they started asking for bright, colourful, happy patterns, tableware and homeware items, and from there CREAM COLLECTION LIFESTYLE was born. 

2. We are the only Australian business to offer premium quality Organic cotton aprons made here in Sydney, Australia.

3. Thanks to COVID -19 and the challenges of 2020, our beautiful CREAM COLLECTION LIFESTYLE brand was created and within three months we were listed in the Top “100 Good Things” of the esteemed Good Food guide, which is an amazing achievement, we think 🙂  


What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

This will be our first “live” event where customers can check out our “feel good” products. We’ll help clients to select the best apron to suit their creative needs, and we’ll show planet loving clients how to add brightness and colour to their interior with our new range of native Australian floral prints designed by Sydney artist Robyn Hammond. @robynhammonddesign


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Our founder Pam Burnett has been working in the fashion industry for many years. When she arrived in Sydney in 2011, she noticed a gap in the market for sustainably sourced, ethically made hospitality clothing, and after a few years of saving up to start the new venture she launched Cream Collection PRO. The brand was unknown and was a grassroots business but within six months of launching, she was invited to Masterchef to meet celebrity chefs Gary, George and host, Matt. Cream Collection PRO is now purchased by clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Caribbean and of course Australia wide.

When COVID hit, the business noticed a new customer demographic was buying the “hospitality” product. These customers found themselves at home during lockdown being able to reignite their creative passion for cooking, baking, planting, painting, and other creative activities and they needed an apron to keep their clothing clean while getting creatively messy. They wanted comfortable planet friendly, premium quality  Australian made aprons with quick and safe deliveries and found the restaurant quality of CREAM COLLECTION PRO aprons ticked all the boxes.  Once they experienced the comfort of organic cotton aprons, they asked for bright, colourful and happy patterns for more aprons, tableware and homeware items, and from there CREAM COLLECTION LIFESTYLE was born.

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