About Custodians of Our Planet

C.O.O.P is a sustainable bag brand from Melbourne. We help you do the right thing by future generations, by making it easier to do the right thing on the daily. We use sustainable materials: from fabric to zips to leather accents, with this range of bags designed to artfully re-use what would otherwise go to landfill.

Please give us your elevator pitch

We are all worried about climate change, and how it is affecting our beautiful planet. Many of us are doing what we can to live sustainably everyday. But C.O.O.P want to make it a little easier by providing luxe, practical, sustainable swaps to make this easier for us all, everyday.

What problem is your business solving:

Providing sustainable solutions that make it easy for every person to help take on the worlds climate change emergency.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. End-of-Life Product Stewardship considered with every product designed.
  2. I added the leather accents to the bags after finding waste leather at a clothing recycling facility.
  3. Challenging more businesses to design, create and sell with sustainable in mind- even though it can be a very hard path to follow at times. But, oh, the benefits!!!!!





I love my COOP bag! I use it everyday. I take it to supermarket for shopping, to the beach as my beach bag, on planes as my carry on luggage. It is so versatile. I feel good using it, knowing that it is one small way that I am helping the planet - Katie B. about The All-Rounder Tote Mar. 1st

Custodians of Our Planet Values
  • Fair Trade
  • Environmentally
  • Strong Planet
    Justice Systems
  • Australian

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