About Emily Braidwood

Backed by over a decade of research we innovate podiatrist-designed comfort insoles that help women wear the shoes they love for work, workouts & the weekend without compromising support, space or style.


What problem is your business solving?
Foot pain is a significant public health challenge due to its high prevalence (approx 77% of the population) and substantial impact on physical, financial and mental health including the inability to work, exercise and socialise. Our mission is to lead awareness in preventative foot health and minimise the need for costly medical intervention through smart, cost-effective products. Additionally, we proudly support disadvantaged women get on their feet through education and employment and we aim to help reduce the environmental impact associated with uncomfortable footwear.
Tell us three things unique about your business: 
 The insole market is over-saturated with copycat products lacking innovation, science and ultimately, desired outcomes. I have conducted over 15 years of research and testing to pioneer the Emily Braidwood product lines, encapsulating modern advances in podiatric medicine, sports science, consumer needs and gel technology.
We hold an international patent on our designs and there is no other product on the market that provides the balanced support structure and gel innovation that we have developed.
Emily continues to consult clinically to maintain close communication with women in pain to ensure the Emily Braidwood product lines are continually innovated & tested to tick all the boxes
Emily Braidwood Values
  • Toxin-Free
  • Healthy Mind
    & Body
  • Australian
  • Community
  • Environmentally

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