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If you’re anything like us, then you’re no stranger to an almond milk latte or pouring rice milk into your morning smoothie. But, thanks to the clever people at Australia’s Own, there’s a new kid on the plant milk block.

LIKE MILK is a nutritious plant-based milk made entirely from pea protein and is the first of its kind in Australia.

It has been formulated to contain the same levels of calcium and protein as full-cream dairy but with a fraction of the sugar and absolutely zero fat. Like other products in the plant milk team, this delicious concoction can be enjoyed in smoothies, coffee and tea, cereal or simply enjoyed on its own as a nourishing alternative to dairy.

Pea protein, the main ingredient in LIKE MILK, has been selected for its robust amino acid profile, with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B2, B12 and D added for extra goodness. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which our bodies require for muscle development and the nine amino acids in LIKE MILK are super important as our bodies can’t make them on their own.

LIKE MILK’s parent company, Freedom Foods Group, a pioneering force in the health food industry, and particularly in plant-based milks. The company was founded on the premise of making nutritious food and beverages (and their plant-based alternatives) and has been a leading player in this market since 1986. Plus, they have been a committed supporter of some of the country’s longest standing farmers and continue to bring customers trusted, healthy and delicious products each and every year.

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Australia’s Own LIKE MILK is the newest and best plant-based alternative for a digestive friendly way to be dairy free, to increase your daily protein with 8.3g protein per serve, enjoy 40% less fat and less than 0.2g of sugar! Plus, it’s delicious!

What problem is your business solving?

LIKE MILK was the first pea protein plant-based milk in Australia. It is fortified with calcium, vitamins B2, B12 and D along with having a rich essential amino acid profile. It is great for people with a dairy allergy or intolerance or looking for an alternative to dairy as it has the same nutritional profile as a glass of full cream dairy milk with lower fat and sugar levels.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

We are Australian owned, Australian made and vegan friendly!

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

LIKE MILK will be demonstrating delicious ways to use in smoothies, keto friendly recipes and tastings. Come and try for yourself!

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Our inspiration came from seeing a gap in the market to create a nutritious plant alternative that not only delivered on taste but delivered an exceptional nutritional profile for those looking for an alternative to dairy.

To find out more, please visit ffgl.com.au

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