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Please give us your elevator pitch:

We are a creator to customer brand, meaning all products are produced in small batches and are as fresh as possible. To reduce our C02 footprint, over 90% of our ingredients and packaging is sourced from within Australia. We strive to be a sustainable skincare brand by incorporating wild harvested, organically grown, 100% plant-based ingredients in our formulations. All products are cruelty free and we do not use harmful chemicals or preservatives. Our packaging is made from sustainable sources, and it can be easily broken apart for recycling.


What problem is your business solving:

Simplifying skincare Get glowing skin in 3 simple steps

1. Wash your face

2. Gently Pat Dry your skin

3. Apply the Face Oil for a glowing, healthy and nourished skin.


Tell. us three unique things about your business:

1. We are a creator to customer brand.

2. Our products cruelty free, vegan and natural, without the nasties.

3. Highly effective skincare – good for you and the planet.


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

I have always been a creative and curious human with a deep interest in the science of skin. I studied design at one of the best institutes in the country and had the opportunity to study a semester in Milan.

Growing up, I realised that my skin troubles were directly related to stress, and as stress levels increased, so did my skin troubles.

Living with extremely dry and acne-prone skin, I started doing a lot of research and reading books related to skincare. I started reading and understanding the ingredient labels and did a deep dive into the world of Essential fatty acids, the science of skin and how it works. This sparked the idea of Melbourne Naturals.

I started practising a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness in my early 20s with yoga and loved the sense of calm that it created. I wanted to find a way of packing the mindfulness, in a bottle and reliving it multiple times during the day.

I have always loved a good aroma, and its ability to transcend one into a beautiful place. I have created soul-soothing blends with rose, jasmine and blue tansy. Working with oils makes me feel content, as it elevated the senses. When we started seeing great results and improvement in the scarring and breakouts, it gave me the confidence to launch the beautiful range of face oils, we call Melbourne Naturals.

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