Super clean skincare that works with your skin whether it's sensitive, stubborn or just has high expectations. Inspired by time tested remedies from all over the world. Powered by science.

About Nomad Skin

Super clean skincare that works with your skin whether it's sensitive, stubborn or just has high expectations. Inspired by time tested remedies from all over the world. Powered by science.

Tell us three things unique about your business:
1. We believe there is much to be learned from other cultures and places – that’s why we love travel so much and why each product is inspired by time tested remedies from a part of the world.
2. Our formulations are free from any dubious ingredients including essential oils and essential oil derivatives. This is at the core of our product design and each ingredient is researched thoroughly to ensure we can confidently make this claim.
3. Nomad is a unisex brand – because boys need skincare too and what your skin needs depends on things like skin type/age/location not gender!
What problem is your business solving? 
We are solving for 2 consumer problems. The first is that sensitive skincare doesn’t have to be basic. Sensitive skins don’t have many premium/quality skincare options because everything available to them is either simple (and often cheap) or very expensive (and either scented or otherwise boring). We’re here to give sensitive skins the freedom that comes with healthy (good looking) skin and trusted skincare.
The second is that decent skincare is often too expensive for regular use (and it’s often not that good too). There are not enough accessible clean skincare brands out there making properly functional and effective skincare. We’re here for anyone who wants to do the best for their skin and look/feel good without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money. We call our approach “accessible premium”. We’re not cheap, our products are on par with some of the most expensive formulations in the market but we’re not ridiculously expensive (because skincare really doesn’t have to be).


I love the gentle exfoliation on my skin. Most other products are more coarse because of their larger granules, but Adarak has finer granules, which helps to not irritate or damage my skin. I've also noticed that the size of the pores on my nose have reduced, which is great and it also leaves my skin feeling really smooth.

Private: ADARAK Ginger + Tumeric Face Exfoliant


A unique approach to exfoliation that combines anti-inflammatory actives with natural fruit acids (AHAs) and the finest bamboo powder in an oil based gel to milk suspension. AHAs provide chemical exfoliation, super fine powder provides skin-safe physical exfoliation and the suspension is pH balanced to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your skins acid barrier. The result is an exceptionally effective yet incredibly gentle exfoliant.

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Private: KAISO Seaweed + Cucumber Oil Cleanser


An upgrade on the standard oil cleanser, Kaiso combines soothing and toning actives with a gentle coconut derived cleansing agent in an oil based gel to milk suspension. This cleanser is effective enough to remove make up, sunscreen, dirt etc in one go (you generally won’t need to double cleanse unless your wearing a fair amount of make up). It’s also pH balanced so won’t disrupt your skins acid barrier or leave you feeling dry and crunchy afterwards.

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Private: MIEL Honey + Mushroom Face Moisturiser


A carefully formulated lightweight cream that goes on velvety but completely absorbs within seconds without leaving you greasy. Packed with healing, anti-aging and anti-pigmentation actives like shiitake mushroom extract, honey and allantoin as well as super nourishing Camellia tea oil. Super restorative, protecting and non-occlusive, it’s perfect for day and night and works impeccably under make-up or sunscreen.

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