Nowhere To Hide

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Using sustainably sourced leathers, we create classically inspired, timeless bags and accessories.

What problem is your business solving?

We are firm believers in the concept that quality is more important than quantity.

With this in mind, we design products which maintain the integrity of the raw materials resulting in long lasting durable pieces. Our product will last years of use and can be repaired when needed to extend its lifespan.

Ultimately, we endeavor to discourage the normality of throwaway consumerism of everyday useful items.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

Our Business is all about supporting our creative lifestyle. We are ALWAYS making! Not only do we make leather pieces, we also create jewelry and bike packing gear, the list goes on. There are just four hands that make all of our products.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

We cannot wait to share Some beautiful new hides in gorgeous colorways with you. A few new products launched including some unique one offs.

As always, our space will be interactive, we make wherever we go. We want you to touch, smell & feel, we are tactile people ourselves.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business? 

Practicality inspires a lot of what we do. First and foremost, we make for ourselves based on need. It must be useful, hardy and beautiful in equal measure.

The idea of creating a ‘job’ out of doing something we love was just too hard to resist. We are perpetually discovering new mediums to work with, keeping our practice fresh and interesting. For the past 25 years Luke has been hairdressing. He still does this in between braiding leather and pushing out bike packing gear on his industrial sewing machine. Lauren has recently finished studying jewelry manufacture and now working through a design course. We do all of this out of our jam-packed studio in the Blue Mountains.

Our business allows us both to individually express our creativity.  We make constantly, are inspired all the time and doodle endlessly to explain our ideas to each other.

An ongoing respect for process, allows us to be reflective in our practice, constantly looking for form and function in balance.

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