About Old Fashioned Online

Our mission is to help shake off the anxiety of buying the perfect gift. Drop the stress of burning good money on unsustainable rubbish. And best of all kick that sinking feeling you get, when you realise your gesture is all wrong. We call it gift-lexia ;)

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Old Fashioned Online offers an unreserved eclectic style, embracing colour and texture in gifts, art and home décor that is well crafted, in sustainable materials and ethically produced.

What problem is your business solving:

Treasure to keep. We design and source beautiful and interesting character pieces from small producers around Australia and from our friends abroad. Old Fashioned Online is a unique collection of sustainable and ethical gifts and homewares for you to give, express, inspire, and treasure. We value and promote handmade traditional crafts and the skills of our friends in India, Vietnam and the Pilbara while also embracing sustainable new technologies and reuse in our own signature printed textile range. You can be maximal while maintaining a positive impact.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. Every Old Fashioned Online product is designed or selected based on principals of sustainable craftsmanship so when you fall in love with it you know you are consuming treasure better.
  2. We support small producers around Australia and our friends from India and Vietnam. The gifts, art and home décor are made from materials that are natural or reuse. Production methods foster traditional craft methods or embrace sustainable technologies in safe and ethical work environments.
  3. The brand is founded by Zoe & Antonio. Zoe is from a fashion & textile background, 25 years of making and teaching about identity and good design. Antonio brings style, music and gift specialist skills, he always gets it right. 


Old Fashioned Online offer an alternative to mass produced gifts, art and home accents. We are focused on conscious consumerism that supports small producers and cottage industry.

Old Fashioned Online Values
  • Fair Trade
  • Environmentally
  • Toxin-Free
  • Australian

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