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We all have our reusable coffee mugs and our mesh produce bags, right? But, why do we stop there? Don’t our four-legged friends deserve to be eco-conscious too? Why is it that we have forgotten to make sustainable choices when it comes to the products and accessories we purchase for our pets? Surely, loving your pets and loving the planet go hand-in-hand. 

The wonderful people over at Pretty Earthy Pup agree and have taken the guess work out of shopping for your pooch (or other furry friend) with their range of sustainable and earth friendly dog bedding and lifestyle goods. Not only are their products useful and responsible, they are also absolutely gorgeous! 

Founder, Jacinta, has been surrounded by pets her entire life, which is a story that rings true for many of us. Through Pretty Earthy Pup, Jacinta is seeking to give back to Mother Nature by creating something that makes as little impact on the planet as possible, and she does so by employing locals at the same time. 

The colours in the collection are soft and gentle and each featured print has been illustrated by a local artist. The result is a totally Instagram-worthy range that both you and your pooch will enjoy. Each of the beds, blankets and comfort-toys have been lovingly sewn by hand from earth-friendly fabrics right here in Australia. Plus, the inserts are made from recycled plastic water bottles, which is a total win for the environment. 

Pretty Earthy Pup’s motto, ‘love your dog, love your space, love your planet’ is impeccably manifested through their efforts. Not only are they bringing quality and eco-consciousness into your home, they’re also inviting creativity and style for dog-owners all around Australia. Let’s give our homes, the planet and our beloved pets the love (and beauty) they deserve. 

Please give us your elevator pitch: 

“Love your dog, love your space, love your planet.” 

We are Pretty Earthy Pup and we’re reducing our eco-pawprint one doggo at a time, through earth-friendly dog bedding and lifestyle products that are thoughtfully hand-designed, printed, and crafted. By bringing quality, creativity, eco-consciousness and style into the lives and the homes of dogs and their owners all around Australia, we’re giving our dogs, homes and planet the love they deserve.

What problem is your business solving? 

We all have our reusable coffee mugs, reusable shopping bags, sustainable and ethical clothes and homewares. But why is it that we’ve forgotten to be sustainable when it comes to the products and accessories we purchase for our furry friends or our home? 

That’s why, here at Pretty Earth Pup, we believe in pretty-earthy-love – loving our planet and enriching lives and supporting our environment with earth-friendly products. We’re here to make earth-friendly shopping easy for the dog-lover in an aesthetically pleasing and practical way. 

We believe in making a difference in an industry that is ready for change. By aiming to minimise our pawprint on the environment, we choose Australian made, earth-friendly fabrics that are hand-illustrated by local artists, and lovingly sewn by hand. 

Our dog beds are made from man-made fibres, and the inserts are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Plus, each print and piece of fabric is carefully selected from independent, local businesses. We are one of very few eco conscious dog bedding brands in Australia, and we do our best to consider the environment and follow ethical practices at every stage of production. However, we are forever learning. We believe there is always room for improvement and we’re aware that our customers are informed.

Tell us three unique things about your business: 

  1. Being transparent about our products at every stage of production
  2. Doing our best to minimise harm to the environment
  3. Consider the best practices for people, planet and pets with a goal to one day be accredited or certified

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS? 

While we believe in the power of eco conscious, durable dog products that make our furry friends happy. We also believe in the power of beautiful and thoughtful design. At the event, shoppers can see our beautiful products and shop for their furry friends! 

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business? 

Born and raised in South East Queensland, founder Jacinta has been surrounded by dogs for as long as she can remember, through both work and play. They’ve provided her with unconditional love and support in the sometimes-challenging environment that is rural Australia. 

Inspired by this devotion to her dogs and a passion for slow living and good design, Jacinta experienced an overwhelming desire to produce something that would bring these two loves together. But she didn’t want to stop there. 

As someone who makes a living off the land, Jacinta set out to give back to Mother Nature by creating something that made as little impact on the planet as possible, while employing locals at the same time. And so, Pretty Earthy Pup was born.

To find out more, please visit prettyearthypup.com

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