About Reforest

Reforest brings businesses and their customers together to restore local ecosystems and remove more CO2 than they emit in a highly tangible, meaningful and engaging way.

TCS: What problem is your business solving:

Reforest: Climate change and biodiversity loss.

TCS: Tell us three unique things about your business:

1. We believe the CO2 emitted by every transaction is a shared responsibility between that businesses and its customer, and by working together they can be climate positive.

2. We’re aiming to enable hundreds of native reforestation projects around the country, so that everyone can restore ecosystems in their backyard and even come to get their hands dirty.

3. We get really excited thinking about the potential to reverse climate change and biodiversity loss by making restoration a mainstream part of every transaction in the economy!

TCS: Can you tell us a little about your background and inspiration behind your business?

I was in the medical industry for many years, and in 2018 decided to start Reforest because I was frustrated at the lack of really tangible, meaningful ways to deal with the carbon emissions from my daily purchases in a way that would actually engage the companies that I buy from to take action too. As a parent especially, I feel a great obligation to future generations to be part of the solution. We are now in the critical decade, and our children will ask us what we did during this ‘Great Transition’. I think most of us want to be able to show that we helped restore the planet and turn the ship around.


Reforest lets you lead the shift to an economy that restores the planet. Grow your forest, engage your retailers, drive real change, and earn rewards

Daniel Walsh. Founder

Reforest Values
  • Community
  • Environmentally
  • Strong Planet
    Justice Systems
  • Australian

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