Rosa Temple

Please give us your elevator pitch:

Rosa Temple products are ethically created blends of Essential Oils, Vibrational Medicine, Salts, Essences, Light Codes and Native Plants.  Every bottle by Rosa Temple is handmade with love to strengthen your connection to yourself and support from the Earth.


What problem is your business solving?

We offer uniquely created soul tools to assist your own evolution and remembrance of ancient rituals, magic, and natural lore.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. Each component is personally activated and attuned with the highest frequencies by Sarah Baiada
  2. Practical soul tools for self love and protection which powerfully assist in your embodiment
  3. They smell amazing and are a holistic approach for a full body, mind and soul experience

What can attendees expect to see from Rosa Temple at TCS?  

First-hand experience with highly attuned soul tools for greater self love, deep connection to the Earth, and support from vibrational medicines. Learn about how these beautiful products are created with an opportunity to meet with Rosa Temple founder Sarah Baiada. She can lead you through deep meditation with each product to tap into a world beyond illusion.


Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Sarah Baiada is the founder of Rosa Temple, and the founder of Universal Energetics, training for practitioners in energetic lore and sovereignty. She is from Sydney and now based in the Byron Bay hinterland. 

Sarah has over 16 years experience in the natural health industry, with over 20,000 hours with clients. Supporting people in their self-exploration journey and physical, mental, emotional and soul health.

She is a specialised intuitive remedial massage therapist, nutritionist, and meditation facilitator. Sarah runs mentorships, workshops, online programs, live activation events, and national tours.

The inspiration for creating Rosa Temple started when Sarah was little with a fascination with Essential Oils and how they could elevate moods and naturally heal the body. Being quite sensitive to energy and having healing abilities as early as 4 years old, Sarah would work with oils to help family members and injured animals in her area.

Sarah would use Basil for mind clarity when studying and Lavender to help with sleep. After school, Sarah studied Aromatherapy and was introduced to Vibrational Medicines. She was a natural with intuitively knowing the most effective blend for clients, and has achieved incredible results for clients in clinics for the past 16 years.

Rosa Temple was created in 2016. The creation of products began as soul tools for assisting clients’ self evolution, self love and protection. Rosa Temple was founded for sensitive people needing connection to the natural support of the Earth and its allies, with access to tools that were used in the ancient world.


What can attendees expect to see from your workshop at TCS?

Sarah Baiada will be running a deep meditation with connection to oils and vibrational medicine. The workshop is intended to help you with stress relief, confidence and ancestral support. The session is inspired by her course Universal Energetics.

Sarah has over 10 years’ experience leading her signature style of meditations, designed to help you let go of the mind and experience deep relaxation, and full body activations. Working with oils in this workshop will strengthen your relationship and comprehension of these powerful support systems we have on this Earth.

This is a free workshop with voluntary donations, with all proceeds going to the First Nations Women’s Water Alliance.

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