Please give us your elevator pitch: 

SVPrints is home to fine art prints by Sam Venn. Our collections put the world at our fingertips during a time we can’t explore the world ourselves. Each piece is hand signed and a limited edition. Printed on German Fine Art Photo paper and hand framed in Sydney our high quality fine art prints bring a sense of laid back luxury and escapism into any space. 

What problem is your business solving? 

SVPrints is all Australian made, owned and operated. Our high end, quality prints afford any space with a sense of luxury – but we won’t break the bank! During a time we can’t travel to these far corners of the earth, we are bringing them to you. Offering a chance to escape through our inspired vistas. 

Tell us three unique things about your business: 

We are a family owned business! A Brother and Sister duo 🙂 

We own + operate a gallery space in Cronulla that doubles as a photography studio 

Our photographs are all taken by lead/professional photographer Sam Venn and each tells a story of his travels. 

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS? 

A captivating display of Fine Art Prints that transport you to wherever it is you’re dreaming of going. A broad range of sizes and styles to suit any home and any budget.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business? 

Brother + Sister duo (Sam and Em) started working together when Sam went on a trip to shoot his travels overseas but was still receiving inquiries for photography work. Em stepped in to help out, taking over while Sam was still away. It really took off so they decided to continue working together and launched SVP, a small photography agency. When Sam returned home from his travels, Em saw the content and was instantly like: “Wow! people have to see this!” 

Sam didn’t initially travel to shoot, but once we blew the images up and had them professionally printed they were too beautiful not to share. With a background in Fine Art and Gallery Management, Em had the resources to coordinate printing, framing + the logistics, so SVPrints was born. 

Inspiration for the last two collections “Vistas of Leisure” and “Where in the World” really came from our desire to bring the beauty of the world to our friends and family here in Australia. At a time when travel was so restricted and those far off places seemed completely unrealistic to reach we wanted to provide a sense of escapism and affordable luxury for people to enjoy and bring about in their own homes.

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