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Please give us your elevator pitch

At TCA Network we are passionate about helping you find your niche in your career or business and shine as an authority in your field. It’s time to claim your ’spot in the universe’! Whether it’s a spiritual healing or business guidance required, our Programs will transform, our Coach Directory will inspire and our own social platform will support you on your journey.
Tell us three unique things about your business

1 We are holistic, we understand that all parts of our life are not separate and each part needs to integrate in a conscious and proactive manner.

2 We are the only platform that offers such a diverse selection of coaches and programs.

3 Bringing spirituality and business together to focus on finding your niche is unique. We believe that work is the modern day rite of passage and helps us learn more about ourselves.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

We will share with you how to ‘Claim Your SPOT IN THE UNIVERSE: Finding Your Niche’ on the big stage at 11am on Sunday 14th and then do a deeper dive in the Workshop afterwards at 1pm. Our stall will offer various mini-sessions with those looking to find their Niche by Founder Scarlett Vespa, meet a few of our coaches, grab a ‘Career Reading’ and and learn more about her Membership ‘TCA Network’.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

I am a Brand Maker, Success Coach, Speaker and founder of ’TCA Network’ a membership for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and those who want to find their niche. I am also CEO and Founder of TCA Marketing, a full service advertising and marketing agency for entrepreneurs, business and organisations.
Feature Films, TV Shows, working at Disney and being head of broadcast for CBA is my background. From an early age I wanted to know the meaning of life and that passion drove my love of spirituality and personal development, which was a perfect fit for a life as a brand expert – finding our why! I was inspired to build my business and my membership to help those who want to feel like they belong, no more imposter syndrome! For me the future of work is being a ‘conscious entrepreneur’ where people hold themselves personally accountable for their own success. To reveal that road blocks are the modern-day rite-of-passage into a more meaningful life.

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