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The brilliant people at The Periodical understand women and the things that only women go through. Namely, periods. Founded by Bethany Noble, their self-appointed Chief Executive Ovulator, The Periodical make organic cotton tampons for women across Australia. They also offer the very cleverly named PMS service (Periodical Monthly Subscription) which means their tampons are arrive on your doorstep each month. No more late-night trips to the grocery store when Aunt Flow unexpectedly comes to town!

The Periodical want you to be informed. For instance, did you know that the first tampon ever created still exists today? Shocking, right? And did you know that the menstrual hygiene industry (specifically pads and tampons) has never been required to disclose the ingredients in their products or test their safety? Absurd.

These alarming facts alone are why The Periodical chose to make their tampons purely from 100% organic cotton, which is pH balanced (important for avoiding nasty things like thrush), renewable, sustainable and most importantly, completely natural. And, because they are made from organic cotton, The Periodical’s tampons will break down in just 5 years instead of conventional tampons which can take up to 500 years. Yikes!

The Periodical is dedicated to limiting the amount of period waste in the world. Their completely gorgeous packaging, designed by Heidi Lou Designs, is also recyclable because it is made from cardboard. The plastic wrapping on their tampons is required for hygiene purposes, but we’re sure you will all agree that this is acceptable. However, it can be recycled at soft plastics recycling points. Another win for women’s bodies and the planet!

Bethany believes in the solidarity between women, which is why she is so passionate about giving back to them. She understands that across the globe, many women and young girls still period in shame and with enormous stigma. Bethany has partnered The Periodical with an organisation in Northern Uganda working hard to give women and girls access to secondary and tertiary schooling, much-needed sexual health education and clean and safe births. You can read more about these efforts here.

The Periodical implore you to ask: “Why shouldn’t my period also do good in the world?”

By considering them for your next period, you are protecting your health and that of the earth. You are supporting The Periodical’s goal to give every woman in the world the right to period with dignity. And, you’re sending a very important message that things in the period-product business need to change. Plus, your lady bits deserve it. Period.

Please give us your elevator pitch:

The Periodical is for people who have periods and want convenience, beauty and health. We deliver beautiful tampons and a care package every month.

What problem is your business solving?

The Periodical started because I believe that no one should suffer because of their period. It isn’t the most enjoyable time for some people, so our aim is to give people access to healthier products and give them the gift of self-care. All of our products are organic, ensuring only the best for our bodies and the environment.

We also want to help break the stigma around menstruation globally. For every box sold we ensure girls in Northern Uganda are able to continue their education when they get their periods. They’re taught to make reusable products, as well as receive education about their bodies and family planning. Teachers, parents and students also receive education to help them break the stigma of menstruation. The Periodical is a way people in Australia can use their periods to help young women around the world.

Tell us something unique about your business:

Personalised menstrual care. Plus, our beautiful packaging was designed by the fabulous Heidi Lou Designs.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

We’ll be talking about how to live in a way that is in sync with your period. We’ll also share how to care for your wellbeing while you have your period.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

I have a background in humanitarian work and sustainability. Education is so important and has afforded me amazing opportunities, so when I saw women and girls living without proper access to an education, simply because of their gender, I wanted to do something. Periods are the ultimate unifier of women around the world. We all understand the inconvenience, at times shame and sorrow, or at other times joy, when they arrive. So, when the idea of The Periodical was gifted to me by a friend, I saw the potential.

To find out more, please visit theperiodical.com.au

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