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Champion of sustainability, Annie Leonard, once said, “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.” 

Take a moment to think about the single-use plastics in your home. You know, the items that you use once and then throw away? Did you cover last night’s leftovers with a sheet of plastic wrapping? Or perhaps you brushed your teeth this morning with a plastic toothbrush? 

The chemicals and resins that make that clingy plastic wrap so convenient mean it won’t biodegrade for hundreds of years. The toothbrush that you’ll probably discard in a few weeks will also outlive you, the generation after you and the one after that. Let that sink in.

Shocking? Yes. But, impossible to change? Absolutely not. 

There are steps you can take to reduce single-use plastics in your own home and they don’t have to be arduous or scary. 

Us And The Earth has taken the guesswork out of transforming your home into a waste-free haven. The brand supplies alternatives to single-use plastics with its offering of practical, versatile and high-quality household items, each destined to become a staple in your home. The brand’s mission is simple: to teach and empower you to consume less and reuse more to become part of a circular economy.  

Founder, Elizabeth, launched her business in her late-forties as a single mum with a young and curious daughter by her side. What started as a passion project for Elizabeth, soon grew into a positive resource for those looking to tread a little bit lighter, live a little bit more consciously and be a little bit gentler to our beautiful mother earth. 

The brand’s hero product is its Plastic-Free Kitchen Starter Kit, a complete set of 20 items to make the transition to waste-free living an absolute breeze. The comprehensive set contains stand-up silicon pouches for easily storing and transporting food, 100% organic cotton bags for fruits, vegetables, legumes and pastas, a set of reusable straws and silicon covers to replace that plastic wrap that can be so darn hard to ditch. Each product is beautifully packaged, making it not only a gorgeous addition to your own home but also a wonderful gift to those you love. Plus, each Starter Kit contains a free eco-conscious gift! 

Us And The Earth gently reminds you that what you do in your daily life does, in fact, make an impact. It’s up to you what kind of impact you’d like to make. Without compromising on ease, practicality or style (and with a cost-effective price-point to boot), you can give yourself the gift of empowerment. All it takes is the first step.

Please give us your elevator pitch: 

Us And The Earth provides products that help everyone eradicate single use plastics, reduce waste and become more sustainable while saving money and remaining stylish. Each of our products is beautifully branded and packaged. Our hero product for 2020 is our fabulous 20-piece Plastic Free Kitchen Starter Kit! It truly has everything you need for a green kitchen space. 

What problem is your business solving? 

We help individuals be more environmentally conscious by providing high quality, easy to use and cost effective solutions. Our products are great for gift ideas too! 

Tell us three unique things about your business: 

We stock eco-friendly Starter Kits for the busiest areas of your home – bathroom, laundry and kitchen (plus, they’re great for lunch boxes, as well!). Each kit is available in a gorgeous branded box full of tips on how to create a more planet friendly life!

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS? 

Our incredible Plastic-Free Kitchen Starter Kit! 

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business? 

I have always been focused on health and integrative medicine. I am very aware of the sometimes-toxic environment we live in and a lot of that comes from pollution, what we ingest and what we put on our skin. Plastics are horrific both for our health, for the environment and our beautiful oceans. Earlier this year, after being made redundant, I decided to start my own business and focus on providing solutions to help others begin their own eco-conscious journey, and in turn, bring a bit more awareness to the crisis that we are facing.

To find out more, please visit usandtheearth.com

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