Please give us your elevator pitch:

Váhy is a boutique natural fragrance house based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by wanderlust and a desire for balance and simplicity in life, Váhy’s genderless line of parfums are a modern and subversive take on traditional fragrance. After many years of scent development and countless iterations, Váhy is a true reflection of refined purity and a ground-breaking plunge into the mesmerising world of niche and natural fragrance. At Váhy, our products contain only the most premium and luxurious ingredients. They are cruelty-free with 100% natural ingredients that are >80% organic in composition. Our scents are created in Australia with essential oils, concentrates and absolutes infused in organic sugarcane alcohol.


What problem is your business solving?

Our motivation for starting Váhy was that we couldn’t find what we were after on the market and we found the whole process of working out was actually natural confusing when brands didn’t disclose what was in their products. We wanted to be able to substitute our designer synthetic fragrances with scents that were natural without making a sacrifice on the luxurious feel and quality. At Váhy, we come from a place of radical transparency, we provide our full ingredients lists rather than shielding our intellectual property. We trust our consumers, they know what works for them and what does not. We simply want to give them the opportunity to choose what they wear in an informed way and confidently make truly clean fragrance buying decisions.


Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. We have a really, really long list of non-negotiables in our products which are all listed on our website. Effectively, we only use natural ingredients so this means no synthetic scent notes, no denatured alcohol, no phthalates, no SLS/SLES, no ALS, no DEP, no parabens, no nitro musks and no animal by-products. This is in addition to the 1,400 ingredients not approved for use in personal care products by the EU.
  2. We disclose what’s in our perfumes which is rare in the industry.
  3. We are PETA approved cruelty free.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

An exciting new take on perfumes that are all natural but without compromise on quality or sophistication of scent.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

While working as a corporate lawyer and considering labelling requirements for personal care products, Kate discovered the deceptive ways perfume brands hid the chemical ingredients contained in their products. These ingredients were either not disclosed or shielded by ambiguous terms like ‘parfum’,  ‘fragrance’ or ‘denatured alcohol’.  Most commercial fragrances will only list around 50% of the total ingredients on their labels. The Environmental Working Group has conducted a studies into what is contained in a number of commercial synthetic fragrances and have found on average there are 14 ‘secret’ ingredients not listed on the label. These ingredients have been associated with allergic reaction and hormone disruption and many of the substances have not been assessed for safety when used in personal care products. At Váhy, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and label all ingredients and are fully transparent about our practices.

Pairing Kate’s knowledge with Anna’s tire of routinely exposing her skin to toxic ingredients and her passion for animal rights, we set on a journey to create Váhy and offer a luxurious, natural alternative to commercial perfumes. Anna’s background as a PETA ambassador, lifelong vegan and strong advocate for animal rights also helped us ensure that our products did not contain any animal by-products and were cruelty free.

After hundreds of scent iterations and tireless hours of ingredient and chemical research (and over three years in time…), six unique scents were formulated to create the genderless portfolio of Váhy perfumes. With fully transparent practices, Váhy products are refined in their composition and contemporary in their design and offer premium substitutes to synthetic perfumes that do not compromise on quality, scent or style. Overall, Váhy was founded with strong core values and with the aim of encouraging people to transition to a fragrance that is better for self, better for the animals and better for the environment. Through Váhy, we hope to educate and inspire people about the world of natural, organic fragrance and offer luxurious scents that people can trust.

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