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Please give us your elevator pitch:

Natural, plant-based hair and beauty products designed to leave you beautifully nourished and restored.

What problem is your business solving?

We believe in keeping things simple. Beautiful, paired back products that simplify your life.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

  1. I am a trained Hairdresser of 25 years.
  2. I spend 3 years working on each formula with my Biochemist.
  3. I created our products in 2007 for my clients to simplify their lives, my philosophy is to wash the hair correctly and less frequently, this allows the hair to rebalance.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

With a strong interest in creating beautiful things, I started hairdressing at an early age. Being an introvert, it was a tough industry to be in but throwing myself into hair science, after 10+ years of training I became an expert in colour and naturally derived hair formulas. I moved away from traditional hairdressing early on to focus on my clients privately. My specialty was creating low maintenance, naturally healthy hair. I believed if you washed the hair less, using specific naturally derived products, you did not need to colour your hair as often. Because the hair was healthy the colour did not fade, which also meant the hair did not split… which also meant fewer trips to the salon.

After creating the V&M Spa hair range of products, it was time to explore products that also nurture our precious skin. Beautiful hair needs beautiful skin to match. The V&M Spa Lavender Bath Milk and Body Wash were the first in our range. Both designed to nurture and enhance silky smooth, healthy skin

And we are busy working on extending our line.

Each product has the same purposeful philosophy of simplicity, nurturing, soothing and of course natural. We spend around three years working on each product, only working on one product at a time.  Craftsmanship at its best.

It’s my commitment to my clients and my commitment to you.

Victoria Maude

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