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We are a carbon neutral business that invests 50% of our profits into the most credible and ethically sound carbon-negative companies & projects.

Please give us your elevator pitch:

We, the many* is the first of its kind, founded on the principles of a circular financial business model with climate change at the forefront of what we do. We inspire others to make a positive impact by making it easy to have an impact today. We are a carbon neutral business that invests 50% of our profits into the most credible and ethically sound carbon-negative companies & projects. We scale our collective impact by re-investing the investment profits into even more climate positive projects. In addition to the planet, we contribute to the health of the people on it by using functional ingredients to optimise personal wellbeing. We are a group of [Australian] sustainably-minded business owners and We* really REALLY want people to LIVE!


Tell us three unique things about your business:

We, the many* is the coming together of 3 iconic Byron Bay businesses & locals: Pam, Martin, Will & Eddie Brook of Brookfarm & Cape Byron Distillery and Jamie Cook & Brad Rogers of Stone & Wood We are not a non-profit or social enterprise – we use profits to invest in carbon reduction projects and the profits made from these investments comes back into the business to be invested further again. The better the business, the greater the impact. We care just as much about the nutritional quality of our products as we do about the environment. Not only do we want to make it easy for people to invest in the planet, but we want to contribute to the health of the people who eat our products.



Every day an individual can make an impact on their future and the future of our planet through the actions and decisions they make with the opportunities available to them. Through an everyday product like breakfast cereals, we are creating an opportunity for customers to invest in the climate just by going about their daily routine while also giving visibility on the positive impact they are making on the planet and their health.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and inspiration behind your business?

For Will Brook, sustainability was always a part of his life without even fully realising it. Growing up on a family farm that was an early adopter of solar, recycling, waste reduction, water saving, integrated pest management, and regenerative farming. For Will this was the norm. But the real catalyst came when he attended an event put on by the CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership) also attended by many leading businesses in Australia. At this event there were some presentations on the performance of sustainable investments vs the “incumbents” (oil, gas, and mining) and it sparked Will to question – what should a business do with its profits? Usually it’s up to the shareholders to do what they wish with the profits of a business, but what if the business itself depended on the investment of its profits – and what if those profits were exclusively invested in environmentally sustainable projects? This is where the concept later to become We, the many* began. A business that creates amazing products that people love and make them feel better grows and the profits from that business are invested into environmentally sustainable businesses or projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere, the profits made from these investments comes back into the business to be invested further again. The better the business, the greater the impact. This is the model that We, the many* was built on. At home Will always had a passion for the value and efficacy of using food as medicine using many compounds (particularly curcumin) to positively impact his way of life. This was where the We, the many* model started. We, the many* stems from one core concept – responsibility. We are responsible for our own health, We are responsible for our impact on the planet. In creating We, the many* Will believes that “this is some of the most important impacts I can make in terms of the health of the environment, and the health of the people who eat our products.” The genesis of We, the many* went from an idea to reality when the Brook family, owners of both Brookfarm and Cape Byron Distillery came together with the two founders of Stone and Wood. “Brad and Jamie became involved as naturally as could be possible. We were having a coffee with Jamie and the We* concept came up in conversation. He was immediately engaged with the concept and the rest is history.”

Private: Antioxidant Porridge


This fun and wholesome porridge is for all ages, turning a brilliant pink when prepared and bringing the antioxidant rich beetroot to life – and your senses into a spin! Ground ginger and cinnamon create a perfect balance of flavours, blended with golden oats, quinoa and almonds which add fibre and texture. Our Antioxidant Porridge is a winter classic with a functional spin – but can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

good source of fibre
antioxidant rich beetroot
energising ginger & cinnamon

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Private: Prebiotic Granola


Kickstart your day and feed your gut with one of nature's best prebiotic powerhouses - green banana resistance starch. Prebiotic Granola is a wholesome blend of wholegrains, nuts & seeds with a little dried fig and cinnamon for natural sweetness, and a touch of lemon for your morning zing! This delicious granola will nourish your gut, and maybe even your soul! Great with yoghurt or kefir for breakfast or for snacking throughout the day.

feeds good gut bacteria
resistant starch fibre
good fats from nuts & seeds

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We, the many* Values
  • Environmentally
  • Strong Planet
    Justice Systems
  • Healthy Mind
    & Body
  • Australian
  • Community
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