Please give us your elevator pitch:

Lovingly crafted toys and nursery products to nurture, care and delight those that matter most–our little ones. Made from Naturesclip™-Woolkin’s own 100%pure woollen felt, and FSC certified New Zealand Pine, Woolkin™ has created a range of beautiful, tactile and safe products, rich with the natural benefits of wool and sustainably made with responsible manufacturing practices. Awarded Gold in Sustainability and clinching the sought after Purple Pin for overall Supreme Product Design at the latest Best Design Awards the recently released fleet of toys – The Big Red Tractor, Brave Dave the Fire Engine and Dash the High Flyer are sure to impress.

What problem is your business solving?

We are helping move your child’s sleep and play beyond plastic. The Woolkin™range of toys and sleep products is sustainably made from renewable materials, highly awarded, and looks as good in the chaos of the playroom as they do in a Scandinavian design studio.

Tell us three unique things about your business:

1. At the heart of our offering is our very own Naturesclip™-a 100% OEKO-TEX™ certified woollen felt, and sustainably forested New Zealand Pine. We have tirelessly crafted these materials into a range of beautiful, tactile and naturally safe toys and nursery products to nurture, care and delight our little ones.
2. We are always striving for perfection, constantly challenging ourselves to design out obsolescence, reduce waste and create products that will be cherished and loved for generations. When you really love what you’re making it’s hard not to want to make it perfect.
3. Our range feels different, looks different–it is different! We have purposefully combined natural materials to engage our sense of touch. This is important because we all learn first through touch, feel and kinetics – all our motor skills develop this way, well before we learn how to speak and verbally communicate.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

Bold, bright, fun toys that are perfect for small, inquisitive hands. Our products are rich with the natural benefits of renewable materials and push the boundaries of what’s traditionally been possible with wool

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Woolkin™ was co-founded by Blythe Rees-Jones, Anna Rees-Jones and Luke Morreau. The idea for the business first started when we began having families of our own.We weres hocked at just how many unnecessary plastic products (in some cases harmful)our children were in touch with. We really wanted to develop products that were in line with our own design, environmental and ethical values and in a space (playroom and nursery) that allowed us to have some fun with our kids. Coming from a country with a rich wool story, and having worked with wool for some time (Blythe grew up on a sheep farm in Hawkes Bay) we began questioning just what else could be done with wool outside traditional textile applications. Woolkin™ was born from that desire. Fast forward to today and we’re helping transform the wool industry for its future prosperity one child at a time, reconnecting us all with the wonders of wool and the role it and other natural 100% renewable materials can play in making our world a better place.

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