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Zero waste, zero plastic products for your mindful home, hand packed in Marrickville and sent to your door in compostable packaging.

Please give us your elevator pitch

Zilch’s mission is to help everyone make a big impact through small changes to their daily routines. Every single product we stock has zero waste, not just an alternative with less waste. No hidden plastic at all in the product, it’s packaging or shipping. And no bullshit, like loopholes, guilt-trips, or cruelty in it’s production.

Tell us three unique things about your business 

  • We only stock one of each type of product, thoroughly tested so you know it’s the best for you and the planet. Everything is carefully curated with simple choices, so you just have to decide what you want in your box
  • We are 100% plastic free in all areas of our business, our shipping packaging is fully compostable. We even made our own glue so the stickers wouldn’t have plastic backing! We also put a flyer in that box that’s printed on seed paper! Just bury it straight into the ground, and in no time you’ll have a delicious lettuce — good for your salad and the planet.
  • We give 10% of our profits to The Seabin Project, that collects trash, oil, fuel and detergents from the ocean, capturing over 3 THOUSAND kilograms a day. We love their story (also local Aussie’s) and felt it aligned perfectly with our values and mission. We can’t think of a better way to combat the plastic pollution already in our ocean!

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

Our Bathroom Boxes & brand new Kitchen Boxes. We’ll also have special gift box options & illustrated gift cards on sale. We also just love to chat about our zero waste journey (or hear about yours) so please come say hi!

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

I’m a Brand Designer from NZ, and I’ve always been a very keen traveller. Lived in London for 10 years, and now sunny Sydney, travelling through 53 countries along the way!
My journey into sustainable living all started when I heard about the great pacific garbage patch. I spiralled down an internet rabbit hole, and before I knew it I was hearing about microplastics in everything! All from products I was using every day without realising. Once my eyes were open to it, it’s all I could see. It made me want to change how we were living overnight.
Finding truly zero waste alternatives was really overwhelming though. One product had natural ingredients, but packaged in plastic. Another might have no plastic at all, but contained traces of palm oil. I found it so hard to find brands I could trust, and as a designer I didn’t want to have to compromise on style either. Weeks of research and hours of testing later, I decided to create Zilch. I wanted to make it really easy to find the best products, and help everyone make a big impact with small changes to their daily routines. I also curate all the products, so you can be confident it’s the best for you, and the planet. No waste, no plastic, no bullshit.

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