4 Eva Eco

Please give us your elevator pitch

4evaeco creates plastic-free and sustainable tableware for your family made of high quality stainless steel and silicone.
Both are non-toxic and safe for your health and the environment.
All the products are durable and long lasting helping you reduce waste. They are also designed to be used in multiple ways which helps you to achieve minimal clutter in the kitchen.

What problem is your business solving?

We produce plastic free & non chemical tableware but we are not just a product driven company.  Through our website we aim to connect & share many tips of eco-friendly lifestyles and encourage healthy living too.
It’s all about how you can improve your quality of life by making better choices!
Our basic goal is to solve your choice when it comes down to this…..
How best can you provide your children the most beneficial start to life through nutrition?
Let’s make your sustainable & healthy lifestyle easy, normal and fun!

Tell us three unique things about your business

1. We focus on reducing plastic waste/plastic pollution.
Our family-friendly tableware is designed for indoors and outdoors which means they are perfect for every day meals at home, picnics and camping.
Our products literally go anywhere and do not create landfill in the process!
2. Our products are supplied/delivered in cotton bags that you can use later on. Nothing goes to waste!
3. We share healthy, sustainable food recipes that you can follow on our blog. They include healthy yummy sweet recipes, too!

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

4evaeco’s well designed, thoughtful, good quality reusable products such as cups, bowls, lunch boxes, food containers and wraps!
And of course our big smiles!

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

I spent 10 years as a TV producer in Japan before moving to Australia to study remedial therapies. My husband is an international selling professional artist & hospitality veteran. Together we have forged a committed family relationship spanning the last decade.
We started our business because of our beautiful two children. One and a half years ago, we couldn’t find good quality & long lasting tableware that we could use for our children. All we could find was chemical laden plastic or breakable products which are not safe for anyone. Then we thought, if we couldn’t find it, why not produce them ourselves!
Now we are really happy with our products that are completely safe for our children’s health and the environment and guess what? They last a lifetime!!!
Through our products, we would like to create a happy & healthy future for all the children on this planet. No matter where you are born & or reside. What we are trying to do is to encourage all peoples worldwide to realise and quantify the ideology that every individual can make a difference towards resurrecting & stabilizing the current imbalance our earth is suffering due to catastrophic climate change.

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