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Please give us your elevator pitch

Food intolerances and allergies are common and a movement towards conscious and sustainable clean food is growing. Clean Food Finder connects you with local eateries that understand and support these dietary requirements, helping you find clean food and stay healthy.

Tell us three unique things about your business

1. We are the only search and discovery platform in Australia to focus on searching for places to dine out at based on people’s specific dietary values instead of searching by cuisine type or price point.
2. Our five key values have been consciously chosen. Each value supports both a lifestyle choice and people with food intolerances/allergies ie. Paleo promotes eating organic meats and whole foods and excludes refined sugars, dairy, grains and legumes therefore paleo plate options support a person who is both gluten and dairy intolerant.
3. The food businesses on our platform either 100% support one of our five dining values or have agreed to support one for our values (minimum 30% of their menu) to offer you more choice.
4. Clean Food Finder supports small food businesses and local farmers, there is no charge to these businesses to be listed on our platform.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

Be the first to discover new places to eat with friends and family in just two clicks – it’s that easy! Clean Food Finder is releasing its Sydney food business list in March 2020 so attendees will be among the first customers to use the mobile app to find food business near them. We will also be available to share our story, explain our values and show you how to use the mobile app.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Primarily Amber has worked in the corporate world, but she’s always enjoyed the vibe and pace of the kitchen so has 15+ years’ experience working in the food industry too. Fast forward to today and Amber has spent the past five years working with regulatory agencies in the area of environment health and has great insight and knowledge into the processes, requirements and challenges that face small food businesses. Personally, Amber has always struggled with a weakened immune system and in 2016 she was identified as having an MTHFR enzyme deficiency in the body which means it is difficult for her body to process and remove toxins. To support the body’s methylation process Amber had to make many conscious changes to her lifestyle and environment to reduce her exposure to toxins and maintain the integrity of her health. Amber is intolerant to dairy, gluten and cannot eat foods with added folic acid. She eats organically where possible and thinks of her diet as a paleo inspired flexitarian meaning she follows the principles of the paleo lifestyle however most of her meals are plant based. Amber loves to travel and regularly goes on road trips with her family, exploring different parts of Australia and NZ. While on her family adventures, Amber found that she struggled to easily find cafés and restaurants that supported her dietary needs and values and sometimes a menu would not have any options available and this meant that she either had to make, what she calls, ‘a forced food decision’ or go hungry. After returning home from a family holiday in June 2018 and feeling like the experience of trying to find somewhere to dine out was stressful, left her feeling poorly following forced food choices and affected her overall holiday experience, Amber thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was a mobile app that would help you find local eateries when you are travelling based on your dietary needs or values’ and with a little research and realising that there is no one in the market providing this service, she created Clean Food Finder.

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