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Samantha Robinson workshop overview

Pottery by hand with Samantha Robinson
Time: Saturday// 10am – 11am
Cost: Free

Sam Robinson’s pottery workshop will be a free workshop that showcases different and fun ways to create vessels from clay. Sam will demonstrate and assist our conscious community in making their very own pinch pots or slabbed vases which are a take on our signature illuminators. We invite all levels of experience – whether you’ve never touched clay before or if you’re a seasoned potter – to join Sam for an hour of creative and therapeutic art making. Sam will share her knowledge and skills and provide the materials and tools to give you a feeling for what it’s like in Sam’s Sydney based studio, where she brings her own pots to life. If you love the experience you can chat with Sam about the classes and workshops she runs in her studio and sign up to expand on your new found art practice or hobby.

Rubifresh workshop overview

LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN – the link between skin health, mental health + the gut
Time: Saturday// 12:30pm-13:30
Cost: Free

We all want to live well, to age gracefully and love the skin we’re in. Science has now shown us that the health & youthfulness of our skin is linked to our gut health, which in turn impacts our mental health and our emotions. Join us to discover the science-made-simple approach to living with wellness, ageing with grace, and loving the skin you’re in! Hosted by Tristan Fahey (B.App.Sc Food & Nutrition), Founder Rubifresh Skin Health + Wellness & Author of ‘Living Well & Ageing Gracefully’.

Myoni workshop overview

Loving your period and unlocking the superpower of your cycle
Time: Saturday// 13:45-14:45
Cost: TBC

Tickets: here

It will be an exciting jam-packed, hands-on hour aimed at menstruators of all ages. It will cover consciously supporting your period through the products we decide to use and what to think of when making these choices (for a better planet, healthier body and how to choose ethical products), understanding the four phases of your cycle and understand how to harness the power of each phase in everyday life, and working with your inner wisdom to get the most out of life (this is a practical and hands-on component teaching breathwork and meditation to tap into your inner womb wisdom).

Sarah Baiada workshop overview

Deep meditation
Time: Saturday// 15:00-16:00 (meditation space)
Cost: Free (donations to Sarah Baiada workshop overview)

Tickets: here

Sarah Baiada will be running a deep meditation with connection to oils and vibrational medicine. The workshop is intended to help you with stress relief, confidence and ancestral support. The session is inspired by her course Universal Energetics.

Sarah has over 10 years’ experience leading her signature style of meditations, designed to help you let go of the mind and experience deep relaxation, and full body activations. Working with oils in this workshop will strengthen your relationship and comprehension of these powerful support systems we have on this Earth.

This is a free workshop with voluntary donations, with all proceeds going to the First Nations Women’s Water Alliance.

High Tea With Mrs Woo workshop overview

GOLDEN MEND CIRCLE with Angela and Rowena from High Tea with Mrs Woo
Time: Saturday// 11:00-12:30
Cost: $20 pp

Angela and Rowena from High Tea with Mrs Woo will be holding a Golden Mend Circle – a kintsugi for clothing session – at The Conscious Space.

Borrowing from the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold alloy, this workshop shows you how to practice kintsugi for clothing as a way to cherish and extend the life of your loved garments by visible mending with gold threads.

In this 1.5-hour session, you will be shown a kintsugi mending technique to repair a hole in your favourite garment. Sewing needles and snippers, wooden darning mushrooms (or you can bring your own), golden-coloured fabric pieces and Japanese gold embroidery threads are supplied for you to share and use during this session.

This workshop is not aimed at teaching a perfect craft. It is to explore kintsugi for clothing as a philosophical practice to inspire a better, slower approach to life. It provides a space for you to make an action, to spend time with your clothes in the company of others, to explore the values and expressions of new and old clothing, and what it means to care for them.

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: The basic skill of sewing on a button with needle and thread.

BRING: Bring your own garment with a small hole that you’ve been wanting to mend. We advise for the size of the repair to be no larger than a 20c coin so that you can complete the mend in this 1.5-hour session.

EarthYARD workshop overview

Toxin-free toiletries: craft your own with EarthYARD
Time: Sunday// 12:00-13:00
Cost: $15

Learn how to craft an all natural nourishing facial serum from home plus create a toxic free all purpose cleaner with a just few simple ingredients. All natural ingredient store earthYARD takes you through the how to’s of using natural ingredients for the home and body.
Each participant will take home 1 Facial Serum and 1 All-Purpose Natural Cleaner as well as receive a free 100mL Scent Your Own Lotion at the expo stand redeemable all weekend.

The Conscious Room workshop overview

Creating a conscious career change
Time: Sunday// 13:00-14:30
Cost: Free

Scarlett, Nancy & Josephine will also deliver a workshop to share their thinking and advice with practical tools and insights to start the process of a conscious career change.

(Please note that once the workshop has started you may not enter).

Workshop Summary:

Step 1 – Uncovering Your Authentic Personal Brand

Step 2 – How to Access Your Astrological Blueprint

Step 3 – Embracing the Energy of Your Soul’s Purpose

Step 4 – Closing Summary

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